Canada Heat Wave 2021, Deaths, Reason, Temperature, Map

Canada Heat Wave 2021, Deaths, Reason, Temperature, Map

A heatwave has shattered all the high-temperature records in Western Canada and the U.S. Northwest. It has left a high no. of death tolls. As per the latest information, approximately 500 people have died because of Canada Heat Wave. This sudden change in climate is troubling people a lot and the current situation is worst. Due to the rising temperatures, elderly and young people are at higher risk. According to Chief coroner Lisa LaPointe, 486 patients who have died so far, died from the Canada heat wave only. Therefore, based on the data heatwave is the main reason for the increasing deaths. “It is too early to say with assurance how many of these deaths are related to heat, however, it is expected that the significant increase in deaths reported is blamable to the extreme weather British Columbia has experienced,” she said.

In British Columbia, there has been utmost heat that leads to high deaths in 5 days. Although their Government has issued an order regarding its investigation. This extreme heat is termed as ‘Heat Dome’. In some parts of the United States too, people are experiencing hot winds and scorching heat.

Canada Heat Wave 2021 Temperature

Currently, Meteorological Department has recorded 49.6C (121.28F) temperature on Tuesday. Based on this data, the Meteorological Department has termed this year’s heat wave as the record-breaking temperature. Here we are providing you all the details and the main reason behind the scorching heat due to climate change. Canada’s temperature has broken all the records of heat temperature in the past week. The government of Canada has advised its citizens to take necessary precautions against this heat wave.

Canada Heat Wave 2021

Canada Heat Wave 2021 Deaths Recorded

As per the latest data recorded, there have been total of 500 deaths in Canada due to Canada Heat Wave. According to Lapoint, In the last 5 days, there has been increasing of 195 percent in the no. of deaths. As per Environment Canada Meteorologist Dave Phillips, the summer figures are only likely to increase. The Canadian government is providing many facilities such as cooling centers to provide relief from the deadly heat. Therefore, through this increasing number of deaths could be reduced.

Canada Heat Wave Map

Canada Heat Wave Map 2021

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Canada Heat Wave 2021 Reason

In a report, Meteorologist Doug Gilham told the media that Kelowna, British Columbia has smashed all the records of summer heat this year. He also told that the temperature is going to remain unchanged and warm in the upcoming weeks. Consequently, all the citizens of Canada are guided to stay indoors, stay hydrated and take essential precautions. The sudden change in weather is known to be the main reason for the Canada Heat Wave. Same way, global warming is believed to be the major reason of the sudden climate change that is turning into this heat wave. A study found that this year 37 percent of heat-related deaths could be linked to climate change. Global warming has increased temperatures by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit on average since 1900, experts say.

Climate change is increasing the intensity, duration, and frequency of heat waves,” said Kristie Ebi, a professor in the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the University of Washington. “Looking at this heat wave, it seems outside the range of normal.” The blazing heat is disturbing to an extent that some Vancouverites have fried eggs on their terraces. Others have left their sweltering homes for air-conditioned hotels or moved their home/ offices to shady places in their gardens. Such is the heat there –unbearable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is the major reason behind Canada Heat Wave?

Ans. The main reason behind this deadly heatwave is sudden climate change which is caused by global warming.

Question: How many deaths are recorded in Canada due to his Canada Heat Wave?

Ans. Due t this heatwave, around 500 people have died in Canada.

Question: Where did this deadly heatwave reach?

Ans. Along with Western Canada, this heatwave has also affected U.S North West.

Question: What temperature has been recorded during the Canada Heat Wave?

Ans. The Meteorological Department has recorded 49.6C (121.28F) temperature and termed it as record-breaker temperature.

Question: What facilities and precautions have been provided by the Canadian Government to the citizens of Canada?

Ans. The government of Canada is providing cooling centers that will provide relief from the scorching heat. Along with this the citizens, there are also instructed to stay hydrated and indoors.

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