DPS Haridwar Admission 2023-24 Online Form, Eligibility Criteria, Fees

DPS Haridwar Admission 2023-24: It is a co-educational, English medium school accredited to CBSE that is stretched over 60 acres, situated amid the valley of the Shivalik Range and the pollution-free environment of Ranipur, with the Holy Ganga streaming nearby. The school, which was founded in 1977, offers a high-quality education to students from Pre-K to Class XII, with Science, Commerce, and Humanities programs at the 12th level. the school is committed to providing an environment for education in which a child’s individuality may develop healthily and seamlessly.

Ever since the 2005 meeting, DPS Ranipur has been the first school to use e-results and announce student scores on its website www.dpshardwar.com. Children, parents and the principal may interact directly with one another through the online platform. The school database provides details about any school event that may be accessible with a simple touch. Each month, the institution produces an e-magazine. Students, instructors, families, and former students may all make contributions digitally. The management of the school does not waste paper and does not print. This is a carbon-free and environmentally beneficial product.

Eligibility Criteria for DPS Haridwar Admission 2023

  • According to the New Education Policy, the following ages are eligible:
  • Preparatory Junior / Nursery: 3 to 4 Years
  • Junior Kindergarten / Senior Kindergarten: 4 to 5 Years
  • 5 to 6 years old in the Foundational Year / Senior Kindergarten.
  • The age range for Standard I is 6 to 7 years.
  • The age range for Standard II is 7 to 8 years.
  • The age range for Standard III is eight to nine years.
  • The age range for Standard IV is 9 to 10 years
  • The age of Standard V is between 10 and 11 years.
  • The age range for Middle Standard VI is 11 to 12 years.
  • The age range for Standard VII is between the ages of 12 and 13.
  • The age range for Standard VIII is 13 to 14 years.
  • The age range for Standard IX is 14 to 15 years.
  • The age range for Standard X is 15 years or older.
  • The age range for Standard XI is 16 to 17 years.
  • The age range for Standard XII is 17 and 18 years.

DPS Haridwar Admission Procedure

Presently, DPS Ranipur, Haridwar accepts students from the Nursery through Class XI levels. A straightforward registration procedure is required, the specifics of which are provided below:

  • The registration form is made accessible on the school’s website for students to complete. The form must be completed online, and then a hard copy of the completed form must be sent to the school’s Students’ Department for processing.
  • From Nursery through Preparatory School – Admission will be offered to rely on observation-cum-interaction sessions. Both parents need to be present throughout the training session. Parent participants will be required to bring their admit cards and identification cards to the observation-cum-interaction session on the day and time specified on the cards.
  • The English Grammar (to evaluate for Language Competency), Quantitative Aptitude, Science/Environmental Studies, and Civic Knowledge tests are administered from Level I onwards to determine whether or not the student is suitable for admission to the following grade.
  • Applicants are required to carry their admit cards as well as their identification cards to the written examination on the day and time specified on the cards.
  • The names of those who have been selected are displayed on the school’s bulletin board and the school website.
  • Applicants who pass the written examination are required to appear in person at the Administrative Office of the School for an interactive meeting with the school’s administration and parents.
  • Observation-cum-interaction/written exam and interaction are required for all candidates before they are accepted to the school. In order to complete the admission procedures for the applicants who have been chosen, their parents are needed to approach the School Administrative Office (when notification is given on the website).
  • Payment of the fee must be made to the State Bank of India, DPS Ranipur Branch, which is located at Ranipur. Admission will be granted in accordance with the seat availability and the rules and regulations of the CBSE and the Delhi Public School System (DPSS).

Co-Curriculum Activities and other Facilities

  • The institution features a state-of-the-art Linguistic Lab with e-learning capabilities that is unique in the surrounding region. The school’s main attractions include two very large Activity Halls in the Pre-Primary and Middle Wings, as well as a Skate Park in the Middle Wing. A new stable for ten horses has been built, as well as dorms (for ten people) for the horse instructors and security staff.
  • In the Entertainment Clubs, the institution has established a variety of events and contests with the goal of preparing students for future professional opportunities. To mention a few, English Anchoring, English / Hindi News Reciting, Math and Science Online Quiz, and Digital Infomercial Crafting.
  • The institution’s goals in the areas of athletics and co-curriculum activities are reflected in possibly the best play areas, arenas for different games, 12 Adventure Clubs (including Horse Riding), two magnificent art spaces, and three music venues.
  • Even during the summer vacation, the institution is buzzing with activity, with Summer Training Workshops for Families offered in a variety of sports such as Gymnastics, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Taekwondo, Horseback Riding, and Meditation. The Splash Pool in the Pre-Primary section is the highlight, with swimming lessons for the little. Winter Excursion Camps are another distinct aspect of the institution.
  • Instilling good cultural and ethical values, characteristics of the mind and heart, and educating pupils about the needs of the community and the ecology are all priorities at DPS, Ranipur. In April 2003, the school planned a “River-Yatra” to raise public awareness about the pollution that has wreaked devastation on our waterways. The kids take a proactive role in HIV/AIDS and Pulse Polio campaigns. Students willingly give their extra help, whether it is for Helpage India, earthquakes, or floods since the university instills the motto of “Caring and Sharing.”

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