IGNOU B.Sc Admission 2024 Form, Eligibility, Fees, Syllabus and Credit System

IGNOU B.Sc Admission 2024: The Indira Gandhi National Open Institution (IGNOU), an Indian online educational national university, is now accepting applications for its Virtual Learning-Educational Programs for the Educational Cycle beginning in January 2024. Here you can find complete details on IGNOU’s distance B.Sc program. For both the January and July educational semesters, the Indira Gandhi National Open University accepts applications for its correspondence course Bachelor of Science (B.Sc). Since the B.Sc Course curriculum contains few experimental lessons, the IGNOU Course is developed in such a manner that learners may get not only academic learning but also operational exposure.

In India, the IGNOU University offers a three-year B.Sc degree through distance education. The new B.Sc Syllabus authorized by IGNOU during the year 2024 is mentioned in this article. Find out more about the B.Sc course, including the Admit Card, Cost Structure, and Qualifying Requirements. Application to Bachelor’s Degree Programs at IGNOU is open for the academic years beginning in January 2024 and July 2024.

IGNOU B.Sc Admission 2024: Specifications

Every year, the university encouraged qualified candidates to apply for digital enrollment to a bachelor degree program called Bachelor’s Degree Programmes – BDP (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc) for the January and July entrance cycles. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes is abbreviated as BDP. The School of Sciences (SOS), School of Social Sciences (SOSS), and School of Management Studies (SOMS) are responsible for each of these subjects. Learners who wish to enroll in the BDP degree online may do so during any of the enrollment rounds. Individuals who have finished a BDP (Bachelor’s Degree Programs) degree may submit an application to a postgraduate course. It is available in both the January and July admissions cycles. Candidates must pass all topics in 3 years (at least) and 6 years to earn a BDP degree. The BDP is a three-year degree program. The University also provides Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the following subjects that route to a Bachelor’s Degree like B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce), and B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) are all examples of bachelor’s degrees. In the case of B.Sc there are certain specifications for the course namely:

  1. B.Sc. General
  2. B.Sc. Physics (Hons.)
  3. B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.)
  4. B.Sc. Life Sciences (Hons.)
  5. B.Sc. Botany (Hons.)
  6. B.Sc. Computer Science (Hons.)
  7. B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.)
  8. B.Sc. Electronics (Hons.)

Eligibility Requirements

Computer Science B.Sc (Hons.)

  • A minimum of 60% in mathematics is required in 12th
  • A minimum of 60% in English language, Mathematics, and the highest of two important subjects out of Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science/Informatics Techniques OR a minimum of 60 percent in English, Mathematics, and two disciplines  (other than Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science/Informatics Techniques), with a 1 percent reduction per discipline in the cumulative.

Mathematics/Statistics B.Sc (Hons.)

  • A minimum of 60% in Mathematics is required in 12th
  • A maximum of 60 percent in one language, mathematics, and any two disciplines is required.

Mathematical Sciences B.Sc (Hons.)

  • A minimum of 60% in Mathematics, in one language, and any two disciplines in 12th grade is required.

Botany/ Microbiology/ Zoology B.Sc (Hons.)

  • A minimum of 60 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology, with a minimum of 50 percent in English in 12th grade is required.

Chemistry/ Physics B.Sc (Hons.)

  • In 12th grade, you must get a minimum of 50% in English.
  • A minimum of 60 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is required.

Electronics/Instrumentation B.Sc (Hons.)

  • A minimum of 50% in English and not less than 60% in subjects like Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry/Computer Science is required.
  • Both English and Hindi are used as the language of teaching.

B.Sc Duration

The institution offers learners a least of 3 years and a highest of 6 years to earn the BDP (B.A/B.Sc/B.Com) degree. Prospective individuals may apply for admittance digitally in both the January and July entrance cycles.

IGNOU B.Sc Admission 2024: Fee Structure

The entire price schedule for IGNOU’s B.Sc complete course is Rs. 14,500/-, which is charged year by year at an approximate rate of Rs 4,800/- every year.

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IGNOU B.Sc The Syllabus and the Credit System

The university provides a bachelor’s degree course in science that leads to a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc). The credit system is used at the university. One credit is equivalent to 30 hours of class hours for the student. A student must obtain 96 credits in the least of three years, with 32 credits each year, to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. A learner must choose subjects from three main categories given below to achieve 96 credits.

  • The Basic Program
  • Elective Programs, as well as
  • Application-Oriented Courses

Application-Oriented Courses – 56 or 64 credits in chemistry, biology, mathematics, or physics (At least 25 percent of the total credits in Physics, Chemistry & Life Science have to be obtained from Laboratory Courses).

In relation to these classes, all B.Sc learners must take an environmental sensitivity course called “An Introduction to the Environment” (NEV1). The goal of the module is to develop awareness and understanding of current environmental questions and challenges, as well as the administration of different environmental challenges. This program will not have an examination.

Individuals are permitted to take 32 credits every year in an attempt to earn the B.Sc degree in the minimal time frame of three years. Elective courses in any of the four Science disciplines for a least of 8 credits and a total of 48 credits are available. You have the option of taking 56 or 64 credits of optional programs from a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 Science subjects. At least 25% of the total credits in optional programs in Physics, Chemistry, and Life Sciences subjects must come from practical classes.

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