Monthly Salary of a YouTuber, Platforms to Earn Money, Earning of YouTubers, Factors Affecting YouTuber’s Earning

Monthly Salary of a YouTuber: In today’s generation YouTube has become the one of the easiest and simplest platform to look for education as well as entertainment. If you have any such talent inside, then you too can create an account there and upload your own videos. Through your videos you can earn good amount of money by getting Google AdSense approval and nowadays a million of people are earning with this. So if you are also interested in earning money through YouTube, then start making video content. A single YouTuber earns approximately  $2.00 for 1,000 views. The average cost per 1000 views differentiate. However, it also varies by topic, country, the time of year, by age, by audience income, age, by demand, and even by YouTuber. Let’s get into the post to know more about monthly salary of a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers.

Monthly Salary of a YouTuber (Platforms to Earn Money)

Revenue from Ads

If you have noticed all of the bumpers and sponsor advertisements on the YouTube page while watching a video and all those skippable and non skippable videos that start playing during a video. Individuals of 18+ who follow the advertiser guidelines, through these advertisements Youtubers earn about 55% of the total revenue generated via these ads. Viewers need not to click on these ads for you to earn, but they should engage with the ads. Through AdSense, a large no. of views depends on the greater traffic and they can earn more money from these advertisements.

Paid Subscriptions

Popular YouTubers who have earned a fanbase out of their creative and interesting videos, charge a monthly fee from their subscribers. However, this doesn’t works like paid apps on Google Play. Though, a free subscriber can still watch the videos. But if a viewer has bought the paid subscription, they would receive emojis, fan badges along with other specialties. But at the same time some viewers find the mid-video advertisement a little too annoying.

For such viewers, YouTube has included their Premium service where it asks you to pay a monthly amount to compensate for the ad-free experience on any channel. A little part of the revenue is a form of earning for YouTubers. A Youtuber can avail this form of income if they are 18+ and have at least 30,000 subscribers.

Brand, Sponsors, and Merchandise

Youtubers earn 10 to 15 times more from company sponsor and brand rather than what they earn from various AdSense commercials. That’s the main reason why social media influencers promote certain brands more than other things. If you have noticed the “sponsored” tag in many beauty blogger’s videos then it is known as promotion. It could include cosmetics, makeup, clothing and gadget industry. Through this youtubers have made profits rapidly just by promoting these brands and by providing the direct related links on their description boxes.

Youtubers who have hustled for years to create a strong fanbase and built subscribers of 10,000, they have another way of earning through the platform that involves selling merchandise. While it could be anything, be it from gadgets, wristbands and shoes to even a simple gift card.

Super Chats and Stickers

Super chats and super stickers are the most fun and interesting ways through which a youtuber can earn from their videos. Super Chat is basically a live stream of a popular YouTube content creator. There you will see badges and pinned comments along with the amount of money they have donated. A subscriber can donate up to $500 and as little as a dollar too. Through this way, they can interact and have a close-knit community for a blogger.

How Much YouTube Pays for 1 Million in India?

The details are discussed in the table here:

Channel Category Earning (Approx)
1. Comedy Channel $300- $400
2. Music Channel $100- $150
3. Tech Channel $200- $300
4. Roasting Channel $250- $400
5. Food channel $100- $150
6. Gaming channel $100- $200

Factors Affecting YouTubers Earning

  1. Audience Engagement: The main feature between all million-dollar earning Youtubers is their engagement of high no. of audience. The more the number of subscribers, the more is the no. of viewers per video.
  2. Correct Algorithm: Professional Youtubers earn millions and learn to master the art of monetizing on the hot topics, news and latest trends. Its their power and talent to grab the audience’s attention. It is very important to understand the algorithm, and posting the right content at the correct time as it can hugely affect Youtubers’ money-making strategies.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO allows Google to rank a video on the basis of various factors such as title, tags used as well as video description. If the content is good, however it fails to rank a video then it can severely affect the audience engagement.
  4. Advertisement Guidelines: There are many Youtubers that complained about their videos being taken down or even demonetized without understanding the reason behind the same. If users want to maintain their steady income flow, then they must follow the regulations and  guidelines, by hook or by crook.

Top Highest Paid Youtubers

  • Ryan’s World: More than USD 26 Million
  • Mr. Beast: $25 Million
  • Dude Perfect: $23 Million
  • Rhett and Link: $20 Million
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya: USD 18.5 Million

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