Jeevan Kishore LIC Policy with Profit Plan (Table No. 102)

Jeevan Kishore LIC Policy

Features of Jeevan Kishore Policy: In Jeevan Kishore LIC Policy risk on Child’s life commences just after 2 years of the policy period or he/she attains 7 years of age, whichever is later from both. At the time of maturity of Jeevan Kishore Policy, the insured or the nominee will get the sum assured plus bonus. In this policy, the benefit of additional riders is also available, such as Premium Waiver benefit rider that can be availed by the insured and Accidental Death benefit rider that can be availed by the insured child when he/she attains 18 years ago. Policy parameters of the Jeevan Kishore LIC Policy Entry Age Minimum 0 to 12 years Age of Maturity 45 years maximum S.A. amount Minimum 5,000 Policy term Minimum 15 to maximum of 35 years Payment Mode YLY/HLY/QLY/SP Accidental benefit After 18 years (max. 50 Lacs inclusive Re.1 extra per all plans) Housing Loan N.A. Revival Allowed Policy Loan N.A. Assignment N.A CIR N.A. Surrender of Policy Allowed Policy term rider N.A.  Underwriter Condition of the Policy Form No. 300/340 Age Proof from 0 to 4 years Standard Age Proof for 5 years and above School Certificate Female Lives Catagory I/II Non-Medical (Prof) N.A. Non-Medical (Gen) N.A. Non.Medical (Special) N.A. Actual Sum Assured Basic S.A. Risk Coverage Sum Assured plus Bonus Dating Back @ 8% Allowed At the time of entry if the child’s age is less than 10 years then the maximum sum assured will be 15 Lacs. Check Also: LIC Jeevan … Read more

LIC Jeevan Anand Life Insurance Policy (Table: 149)

Jeevan Anand Plan

Features of Jeevan Anand Life Insurance Policy: This is a combination policy of endowment and whole life policy. This policy gives the pre-decided S.A and bonus to the insured at the of the stipulated PPT but the policyholder enjoys the insurance throughout his life. This policy is good for any age group. Newly Launched Policies of LIC  Jeevan Vridhi by LIC. Jeevan Ankur Child Education Plan by LIC. Jeevan Vaibhav by LIC. Jeevan Saral by LIC. Parameters of Jeevan Anand Policy Age Limit 18 years to 65 years Age Limit of PPT Maturity Maximum 75 years Sum Assured amount Minimum 1,00,000 to without limit Sum Assured in Multiples 5,000 Term 5 years to 57 years Policy Loan Yes Payment Mode YLY/HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY Assignment Yes Accidental benefit Including T.P. Housing Loan Yes Surrender of Policy Yes CIR Yes Revival Yes Term rider Yes Conditions for Underwriting Form No. 300 (rev.) Female lives category I/II/III Age Proof Standard NSAP – 1,2,3 Non-medical (Special) Allowed Non-medical (Gen) Allowed Non-medical (Prof) Allowed Dating back @ 8% Allowed Actual sum assured Basic SA Risk Coverage SA plus Bonus Benefits of the Policy The insured will get the maturity benefit including sum assured, bonus, and FAB if the insured is at the end of the PPT. Death benefits of the Policy If the insured dies during PPT then he will get Sum assured and bonus but premium payment will be waived off. If the death occurs after PPT, an extra amount equals to sum assured will be … Read more

LIC Jeevan Ankur Plan with Profit Details

Jeevan Ankur Plan

In Jeevan Ankur Plan the parents’ life will be insured and the nominee will be the child. The insured will get the sum assured with a bonus at the time of maturity. If the insured dies within the policy term then the sum assured will be paid to the nominee means to the child right away. Future premiums will be waived and no premium has to be paid after that. Along with this the nominee will get 10% of sum assured every year starting from the next year of his/her parents’ death. Sum assured with bonus will be paid to the nominee at the end of the policy term. Benefits of LIC Jeevan Ankur Plan The death benefit of Jeevan Ankur Plan: The nominee (child) will get the sum assured immediately on the expiry of insured (parents). The nominee will also get 10% of the sum assured every year from the next years of the death of the insured till the policy matures. Maturity benefit of Jeevan Ankur Plan: As maturity benefit the insured or his/her nominee will get the sum assured along with bonus whether the insured is alive or not. A bonus addition to the Jeevan Ankur Plan: The insured will be eligible to get bonus along with sum assured on the stipulated date of maturity depending on the LIC’s experience, whether the insured is alive or not. Accidental benefit rider of Jeevan Ankur Plan: This rider benefit is only applicable only to regular premium policies. Under accidental … Read more

LIC Jeevan Anurag Policy with profit plan (Table No. 168)

LIC Jeevan Anurag Policy

LIC Jeevan Anurag Policy: This is a policy with a profit plan developed especially for students to fulfill their educational requirements. Parents can take Jeevan Anurag policy on their own life benefits whether the insured survives until the policy ends or dies during the term of the policy. The cooling-off period is of 15 days. LIC Jeevan Anurag Policy is available for pregnant women and when the extra occupation is chargeable. Paid-Up Value of the LIC Jeevan Anurag Policy If a person takes Jeevan Anurag Policy and pays the regular premiums for three years but does not pay subsequent premiums then the policy will not be void rather the sum assured amount will be reduced and this will be the paid-up value of the policy. This reduced policy will be free from all kinds of liabilities within the mentioned premium but will not be entitled to any future bonuses. Guaranteed Surrender Value of the Policy Jeevan Anurag Policy can be surrendered if the insured has paid regular premiums at least for three years. The guaranteed surrender value will be equals to 30% of the premium paid in all modes (except premium mode is 90%) excluding premium paid for the very first year, all extra premiums, and premium paid for rider benefits. Critical Illness Rider Benefits of the Policy This benefit is available for an amount along with sum assured to the whole coverage under all policies of the insured with the corporation together. If the insured has opted for a … Read more

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