The Block Australia 2023 Auditions, Application, Guidelines, Winner List

The Block is a Nine Network reality show based in Australia. As four or five couples battle to refurbish and decorate houses/apartments for the greatest price at auction, the programme chronicles their journey. Jamie Durie presented the first two seasons of the original series, which aired from 2003 to 2004.

A third season of The Block, presented by TV presenter and constructor Scott Cam, premiered on the Nine Network on September 22nd, 2010, six years after the show had been off the air. Co-host Shelley Craft debuted in the fourth season and has been with the show ever since. Every episode of The Block includes significant brand sponsorships from one of the many commercial sponsors.

The Block Australia 2023: Highlights

Type Reality Show
Starring Keith Schleiger and Dan Reilly
Creation Julian Cress and David Barbour
Judges John McGrath,  Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker,  Darren Palmer, Romy Alwill
Country of Origin Australia
Language English
Official Webpage
Total Seasons 17
Original Release Date 1st June 2003

About the Show

The first season of the programme featured four couples who had previously been together renovating a run-down apartment building in a Sydney neighborhood, with each pair remodeling a separate unit over the course of 12 weeks with a budget of a $40,000. The flats were subsequently sold at closeout, with each pair retaining any profit earned above a predetermined saving cost, and the couple with the most notable profit receiving a reward of a $100,000. The current structure is essentially the same as the previous one, with the difference that the series, for the most part, has five couples, is mostly set in Melbourne, and has a financial budget of about $100,000.

Season five premiered in 2012. Season five, like season four, keeps the four distinct homes structure rather than the four apartments in a single apartment building seen in previous seasons. Season five takes place in four neighboring multi-story townhouses in Melbourne. The first three seasons broadcast weekly for 13, 26, and 9 weeks, respectively.

The Block Australia 2023 Application Procedure

  • Those participants who are willing to apply should read the show’s full terms and conditions.
  • To participate, you should complete the application form if you are qualified.
  • The show’s application form would be accessible on the show’s official website.
  • Participants should enter all true and reliable information in the application form; otherwise, the form will be denied.
  • Participants may put in information such as their name, valid email address, active phone number, and so on.
  • After completing the form, you must upload a short video.
  • If your application is shortlisted, the team will contact you for the next step.

Required Documents

  • Nationality Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Certificate of Date of Birth
  • School Certificate
  • Passport Size images recent
  • All documents of photocopies
  • All other documents

Eligibility Requirements

  • To apply for the programme, the competitor should carry Nationality proof for participation in the show.
  • To participate, the individual must have a valid work authorization card.
  • The contestant’s mental and physical state must be in excellent working order for the programme to go on.
  • The individual was never arrested or charged with a crime.
  • All required qualifying information may be found on the show’s online webpage.

Compulsory Fields

  • Participant’s Name
  • Participant’s Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender of Participant
  • Address of Participant
  • Email ID which is valid
  • Other needed Information

The Block Australia 2023: Guidelines

  • Couples should be between the ages of 18 and 65, active, and witty.
  • During the first week of shooting, first-round couples would be cut to final participants.
  • The winning pair should be ready for a 10 to 12-week shoot starting in late January 2020. Dates will be announced closer to the time of the shooting.
  • The Block’s site has yet to be determined.
  • During the filming, you would not be prepared to operate.
  • While both partners should have prior home remodeling expertise, it is not necessary.
  • Only long-term couples, families, and long-lasting friendships need to apply.
  • Submissions from all across Australia are welcome.
  • Selected contestants will be given a weekly stipend to meet the basic standard of living costs and expenditures while shooting The Block.
  • If you don’t finish all of the application’s components, such as the video, your application would be rejected.
  • Only online applications are accepted. Entries in hardcopy would not be approved or evaluated.

Applications for participation in The Block auditions would be thoroughly reviewed by Lucky Break. Entrants that have been shortlisted would be notified by the end of December 2019. Join Lucky Break Creative on Facebook and Instagram for progress reports and breakthrough Block news.

The Block Australia 2023: Previous Winners

Season Winner Name Year
Season 1 Adam Thorn Fiona Mills 2003
Season 2 Andrew Rochford Jamie Nicholson 2004
Season 3 John and Neisha Pitt 2010
Season 4 Polly Porter Warwick “Waz” Jones 2011
Season 5 Brad Cranfield Lara Welham 2012
Season 6 Phil Rankine Amity Dry 2013
Season 7 Alisa and Lysandra Fraser 2013
Season 8 Steve O’Donnell Chantelle Ford 2014
Season 9 Shannon and Simon Voss 2014
Season 10 Darren and Deanne Jolly 2015
Season 11 Dean and Shay Paine 2015
Season 12 William Bethune Karlie Cicero 2016
Season 13 Elyse Knowles Josh Barker 2017
Season 14 Hayden and Sara Vale 2018
Season 15 Tess Cattana Luke Struber 2019
Season 16 Jimmy and Tam Wilkins 2020
Season 17 To be Announced 2021
Season 18 To be Announced 2023

Note: This is not the official website of this show, for more details candidates can access the official page link given above on this page.

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