Amulya Jeevan Insurance Policy with Profits :Table No. 177

Amulya Jeevan Insurance Policy with profits: Table No. 177

Features of Amulya Jeevan insurance policy: This insurance policy was introduced from 27th February 2006 by LIC. The minimum sum assured amount under this policy is Rs. 25 Lacs. It has been decided by LIC that no insurance policy will be issued with Rs. 25 Lacs under Amulya Jeevan insurance policy or more under the existing term assurance policy Amol Jeevan (T-164) w.e.f 27th February 2006. However the old policy proposal was introduced under this policy may be completed either in the new policy or under the old policy, whichever is favorable to the proposer.

Parameters of Amulya Jeevan Insurance Policy

Entry age Minimum 18 years (completed) and a maximum of 60 years (NBD)
Maturity age Maximum 70 years (NBD)
Policy term Minimum 5 years and a maximum of 35 years
Sum assured amount Minimum 25 years and maximum no limit
Sum assured in multiples 1 Lacs
Payment mode YLY/HLY/S.P.
Policy loan N.A.
Housing loan N.A.
Revival Yes
Surrender of policy N.A.
Term rider N.A.

Underwriter conditions 

Form No. 300/340
Age proof Standard
Female report Compulsory. FMR will be needed to be done by DMR/Addl. DMR or by TPA
Non-medical N.A.
Dating back Allowed

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Maturity benefit

No amount will be paid to the insured on the maturity of this policy.

The death benefit 

If the insured dies then the nominee will be payable the basic sum assured amount under this policy.


Mr. Ashutosh aged 31 years has taken up amulya Jeevan insurance policy. The sum assured amount under the policy is Rs. 25 Lacs in Mr. Ashutosh’s case with a term of 20 years. He has to pay Rs. 6975 as yearly premium.

If Mr. Ashutosh dies within the policy term then his nominee will get Rs. 25 Lacs. On the other hand, if Mr. Ashutosh is survived till the policy ends then he will not get any amount on maturity.

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