EVS Project Topics 2023 Environmental Science Research Topics, More than 100 EVS Assignment Topics

EVS Project Topics 2023: Students majoring in environmental science, need to research about Environmental Science Topics and write a research paper or a essay for a science course. Therefore, for the ease of the students we have provided various research topics for EVS in the section below.

EVS Project Topics 2023

  1. The problems caused by renewable energies.
  2. Understanding geothermal energy.
  3. Are hydrogen fuel cells a feasible alternative?
  4. The pros and cons of solar power.
  5. Transporting geothermal energy.
  6. Large-scale challenges biomass energy use.
  7. The advantages and disadvantages of hydropower.
  8. Solar energy and pollution.
  9. Biodiversity nature hike
  10. Water Awareness
  11. Composing waste disposal
  12. Solar energy to help the economy.
  13. Geothermal energy
  14. Relation between amphibians and environment
  15. Environment affecting the attacks of asthma.
  16. Bacteria that human consumes
  17. Effect of genetic diseases on humans
  18. A comparison study behind the dust on various surfaces.
  19. Impact of climate change on environment
  20. Composting: Good or bad
  21. Impact of pollution on health care.
  22. Effect of environmental pollution and water pollution on marine life.
  23. Impact of air pollution on the food chain.
  24. Environmental pollution affecting Arctic.
  25. Climate Change
  26. Renewable energy
  27. Noise pollution
  28. Conservation biology
  29. Geographical information systems
  30. Urban ecology
  31. Fire ecology
  32. Environmental justice
  33. Ecosystems
  34. Endangered species
  35. Deforestation
  36. Ozone repair
  37. Water management
  38. Paleoecology
  39. Wildlife ecology
  40. Working of an ecosystem
  41. Causes of plants and animals extinction
  42. Does non-native snakes menace the U.S. ecosystem?
  43. Define the elements of population growth.
  44. How does a world look without bees?
  45. How do organisms adapt to their environment?
  46. Examine how photosynthesis occurs.
  47. Relationships between organisms and their surroundings?
  48. Explain the research methods of bird behavioral ecology.
  49. How do organisms survive under severe conditions?
  50. Why do some birds migrate?
  51. List an example of sustainable practice.
  52. Analyze the process of recycling.
  53. Investigate what sustainability needs to attain
  54. History of the green movement.
  55. How to make a country become greener?
  56. Explain the concept of sustainable development
  57. Discuss the ways of recycling water.
  58. How can you make food sources more tenable?
  59. Explain zero-waste mean
  60. Analyze issues related to eco-friendly packaging.
  61. What are the ways of saving more energy.
  62. Explain greener alternatives to plastic?
  63. Analyze the different sources of renewable energy.
  64. Ways to live more sustainably?
  65. How the three pillars of sustainability work?
  66. Effective ways to secure the environment.
  67. Explain green construction work
  68. Connection between sustainability and climate change
  69. How to reduce water pollution?
  70. Impact of globalization on sustainable agriculture.
  71. What is responsible consumption?
  72. Reasons to not use plastic?
  73. How wind turbines produce electricity.
  74. Ways to make technology become green?
  75. What is social sustainability?
  76. Discuss most sever sustainability issues today.
  77. Types of marine pollution
  78. How do viruses work?
  79. Plastic bags packaging should be illegal
  80. Nuclear energy should take over fossil fuels
  81. Concepts of ecofeminism
  82. Climate change is amendable.
  83. Coasts and seas
  84. Specific regions
  85. Urban environment
  86. Policy instruments
  87. Environmental scenarios
  88. Causes of grassland degradation
  89. Advantages of hydroelectricity
  90. Organic farming support in the United States
  91. Energy conservation in the United States
  92. What does photochemical smog build on?
  93. Seasonal behavior of urban heat island
  94. Nuclear and radiation accident categories
  95. How does water affect residential property prices?
  96. Water supply planning
  97. Report and safety and health environment
  98. Regulating air pollution
  99. Environment and statecraft
  100. Evaluating house demand and supply
  101. Air Particles and Air Quality
  102. Planning a Rainwater Harvesting Strategy
  103. Mitigate effects of deforestation

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