Important Days in July 2023: National and International Special Days

Important Days in July 2023: July is the seventh month of the year which marks many significant days which are observed nationally and internationally including Doctor’s day, World population day, and many more. These dates are very important for the candidates who are preparing for their upcoming competitive exams. They must check these below.

Important Days in July 2023

Dates Events
July 1



National Postal Worker Day

Canada Day

Chartered Accountant’s Day (India)

National Postage Stamp Day (US)

Van Mahotsav (India)

Communist Party of China Founding Day (China)

Independence Day (Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia)

Moving Day (Canada)

Sir Seretse Khama Day (Botswana) Armed Forces Day (Singapore) International Tartan Day

Republic Day (Ghana)

Territory Day (British Virgin Islands) Children’s Day (Pakistan)

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (China)

Day of Officials and Civil Servants (Hungary)

Engineer’s Day (Mexico)

National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day (US)

July Morning (Bulgaria)

Newfoundland and Labrador Memorial Day

Emancipation Day (Netherlands Antilles)

Keti Koti (Emancipation Day) (Suriname)

National Gingersnap Day (US)

Madeira Day (Portugal)

July 2



 National Anisette Day

Flag Day (Netherlands)

Police Day (Azerbaijan)

Palio di Provenzano (Italy)

July 3


 National Fried Clam Day (US)

Emancipation Day (US Virgin Islands)

Independence Day (Belarus)

July 4


 Republic Day (Philippines)

Liberation Day (Northern Mariana

Islands, Rwanda)

Birthday of Queen Sonja (Norway)

Dree Festival (India)

Independence Day (Abkhazia, US)

July 5


 Independence Day (Algeria, Cape

Verde, Venezuela)

Armed Forces Day (Venezuela)

Emancipation Day (US)

Saints Cyril and Methodius Feast Day


Constitution Day (Armenia)

Bloody Thursday (International

Longshore and Warehouse Union)

July 6




 Teachers’ Day (Peru)

Kupala Night (Poland Russia, Belarus,


Constitution Day (Cayman Islands)

Independence Day (Comoros)

Day of the Capital (Kazakhstan)

Jan Hus Day (Czech Republic)

National Fried Chicken Day (US)

Statehood Day (Lithuania)

Independence Day/ Republic Day


July 7


 Tanabata (Japan)

Ivan Kupala Day (Belarus, Poland,

Russia, Ukraine)

Saba Saba Day (Tanzania)

Independence Day (Solomon Islands)

July 8


Peter and Fevronia Day (Russian Orthodox)

Air Force and Air Defense Forces Day (Ukraine)

July 9


 Day of the Employees of the Diplomatic

Service (Azerbaijan)

Constitutionalist Revolution Day (Sao


Nunavut Day (Nunavut)

Arbor Day (Cambodia)

Independence Day (Argentina, South


Constitution Day (Australia, Palau)

July 10


 Eid-al-Adha, Hisoka Day (Japan)

Armed Forces Day (Mauritania)

Independence Day (Bahamas)

Statehood Day (Wyoming)

Beatles Day (Liverpool, Hamburg)

July 11


 World Population Day

National 7-Eleven Day

Eleventh Night (Northern Ireland) Imamat Day (Isma’ilism)

National Maritime Day (China)

Gospel Day (Kiribati)

Day of the Flemish Community  (Flemish Community of Belgium)

July 12


National Simplicity Day (US)

Independence Day (Kiribati

Sao Tome and Principe)

Birthday of the Heir to the Crown of Tonga (Tonga)

Orangemen’s Day (Northern Ireland, Newfoundland, Labrador)

Malala Day

July 13 Statehood Day (Montenegro)
July 14  Republic Day (Iraq)

Hondurans’ Day (Honduras)

Bastille Day (France)

Birthday of Victoria

Crown Princess of Sweden (Sweden)

July 15  Festival of Santa Rosalia (Sicily)

Bon Festival (Kanto region, Japan)

Sultan’s Birthday (Brunei Darussalam)

Elderly Men Day (Kiribati)

July 16 Holocaust Memorial Day (France) Engineer’s Day (Honduras)
July 17 Constitution Day (Finland)

International Firgun Day

July 18 Constitution Day (Uruguay)
July 19 Martyrs’ Day (Burma)

Liberation Day (Nicaragua)

July 20 Tree Planting Day (Central African


Engineer’s Day (Costa Rica)

Dia del Amigo (Argentina)

Lempira’s Day (Honduras)

Independence Day (Colombia)

July 21


Racial Harmony Day (Singapore)

Belgian National Day

July 22 Foundation Day in Cleveland
July 23


 Renaissance Day (Oman)

Birthday of Haile Selassie (Rastafari)

Flag Day (Abkhazia)

National Remembrance Day (Papua

New Guinea)

Children’s Day (Indonesia)
Revolution Day (Egypt)

National Hot Dog Day (US)

July 24


 National Thermal Engineer Day (US)

Navy Day (Venezuela)

Simon Bolivar Day (Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia)

Pioneer Day (US)

Children’s Day (Vanuatu)

National Parent’s Day (US) (4th

Sunday of July)

July 25


 Puerto Rico Constitution Day

Revolution Day (Egypt)

Guanacaste Day (Costa Rica)

National Day of Galicia (Spain)

Republic Day (Tunisia)

National Baha’i Day (Jamaica)

July 26


 Day of National Significance (Barbados)

Independence Day (Liberia, Maldives)

Day of the National Rebellion (Cuba)

July 27


 Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers Day


Iglesia ni Cristo Day (the Philippines)

Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War (North Korea)

National Sleepy Head Day (Finland)

Jose Celso Barbosa Day (Puerto Rico)

National Korean War Veterans

Armistice Day (US)

July 28


 Liberation Day (San Marino)

Olavsoka Eve (Faroe Islands)

Fiestas Patrias (Peru)

Day of Commemoration of the Great

Upheaval (Canada)

World Nature Conservation Day

National Refreshment Day (4th Thursday in July)

July 29



National Thai Language Day (Thailand)

National Anthem Day (Romania)

System Administrator Appreciation Day

(Last Friday in July)

July 30


 Independence Day (Vanuatu)

Dia del Amigo (Paraguay)

Martyrs Day (South Sudan)

Feast of the Throne (Morocco)

July 31


 Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day (US)

Martyrdom Day of Shahid Udham

Singh (India)

Warriors’ Day (Malaysia)

Treasury Day (Poland)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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Important days in July 2023 FAQs

 Question: Why is van Mahotsav celebrated?

Ans. It is celebrated to celebrate life and to create awareness in people’s mind to plant more and more trees.

Question: Which country celebrates racial harmony day?

Ans. It is celebrated by Singapore on July 21.

Question: When does Pakistan celebrate Children’s day?

Ans. On July 1, Pakistan celebrates Army day every year.

Question: Why is children’s day celebrated?

Ans. Children’s day is celebrated every year to raise awareness related to the rights and education of children.

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