Top B.Sc Courses in 2023 Nursing, Physics, Agriculture, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Horticulture, Mathematics, Biotechnology

Top B.Sc Courses in 2023: One can opt for higher education in the Science field as it is one of the most popular courses in India today. The scope of the B.Sc course is very good as it is a job-oriented course and is also considered the best higher education course after engineering and medical courses. Before pursuing B.Sc, candidates must know their eligibility to enroll for it. One must have passed 12th from a government of India recognized central or state school board along with the PCM, PCB, or PCMB streams in grades 11th and 12th. Apart from this, an applicant must obtain at least 50% marks in the 12th board exams. Some of the reputed universities might require higher marks in the 10+2 board exam to be eligible. In the below article, we have provided top B.Sc courses that can be pursued after the 12th in 2023.

Top B.Sc Courses in 2023

1. B.Sc Nursing

At present, B.Sc Nursing course is the most in-demand and popular course in B.Sc courses. The demand for nurses would never lessen. The course is formulated to provide a handful of knowledge of practical and theoretical nursing. The duration of B.Sc Nursing course is 4-year that trains the candidate in professionalism and care. However, to enroll in this course, the candidate should have studied physics, chemistry, and biology as their core subjects in classes 11th and 12th. today, apart from this, the applicant should have appeared in a state or central entrance test. It is one of the best B.Sc courses to choose from in 2023.

B.Sc Nursing job profiles:

  • General nurse
  • Home care nurse
  • Ward nurse
  • Infection control nurse
  • Nurse manager
  • Nursing assistant

2. B.Sc Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of any country and we cannot agree more. Both engineering and agriculture courses are different in many ways, however, they focus on the same goal. The duration of B.Sc Agriculture course is 4-years, it offers knowledge on diverse subjects regarding different types of agriculture, techniques, and practices.

B.Sc Agriculture job profiles:

  • Agriculture officer
  • Agriculturists
  • Rice breeder
  • Seed technologist
  • Junior research associate
  • Business development executive
  • Marketing executive

3. B.Sc Horticulture

B.Sc Horticulture is very similar to B.Sc Agriculture, however, It is more advanced when compared to agriculture. This program deals with the study of the cultivation of various plants and the study of seeds. It covers a wide range of plant growth, genetics, and diseases. In general words, this course is more complicated compared to B.Sc Agriculture course.

To apply for this course, one needs to pass class 12th from a physics, chemistry, and biology stream or physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics stream.

B.Sc Horticulture job profiles:

  • Plant breeder
  • Technical research assistant
  • Crop production advisor
  • Crop consultant
  • Horticulturist
  • Crop Inspector
  • Food technologist
  • Feed plant manager
  • Nursery manager

4. B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc Chemistry is comparatively one of the oldest courses and core branches of the B.Sc program. This course has been offered in the higher education system for a very long time. Chemistry is a relatively interesting subject and it basically includes the study of matter and its compositions. It also involves studying the structure, the atomic configuration of each material, and its properties.

The duration of this course is 3-year and is divided into six semesters, the subjects basically include the study of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and more advanced branches of chemistry.

B.Sc Chemistry job profiles:

  • Quality controller
  • Biomedical chemist
  • Chemical engineer associate
  • Industrial research scientist
  • Lab technician
  • Tutor

5. B.Sc Physics

just like Chemistry, Physics is also one of the major pillars of education, whether it is engineering or another higher education course. B.Sc Physics covers almost every topic regarding physics. This is a 3-year duration undergraduate course that includes the study of basic properties of law, reflection, refraction, the study of energy, etc.

In order to take admitted to this course, the candidate must have studied physics as a mandatory subject in class 11th or 12th. Most of the colleges/universities in India that offer this course require the applicant to obtain at least 60% marks in the class 12th board exam.

B.Sc Physics job profiles:

  • Scientist
  • Radiologist
  • Statistician
  • Researcher
  • Tutor
  • Quality control manager

6. B.Sc Mathematics

B.Sc Mathematics is also one of the oldest B.Sc courses same as Chemistry and it is still in demand these days. B.Sc mathematics is a core branch of B.Sc program. It is a 3-year duration undergraduate course and is one of the most accepted B.Sc courses. One can pursue the course if you are interested in mathematics. Even if this course is popular, the number of applicants for B.Sc Mathematics is decreasing every year.

To enroll in this course, the candidate should have opted for PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) as core subjects or any other stream with mathematics as a mandatory subject in classes 11th and 12th.

B.Sc mathematics job profiles:

  • Bank clerk
  • Statistician
  • Research analyst
  • Data analyst

7. B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc biotechnology, it is very similar to the same stream in engineering. Moreover, B.Sc Biotechnology is not as complicated as engineering, however, it almost provides similar knowledge and job opportunities. This course is comparatively cheap and the scope and job responsibilities is almost the same. This course is a convergence of two main subjects, biology, and technology. In basic words, it is a trade of applied biology in which living biological systems and living organisms are used to make technological advances in various fields.

This is a 3-year duration UG course that is divided into six semesters. The course uses large-scale topics for instance bi-molecular and cellular activities and the use of various technologies in biotechnology. The course is taught in a various wide range of subjects like molecular biology, chemistry, and genetics. Individuals who are interested in biology and have good problem-solving skills can pursue this program. In order to get admission in this course, the applicant need to study physics, chemistry, and biology, as the compulsory subjects in classes 11th and 12th.

B.Sc Biotechnology job profiles:

  • Biotech specialist
  • Bioinformist
  • Research analyst
  • Scientific analyst
  • Calibration technician
  • Scientific writer
  • Clinical research technician
  • Safety expert

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