Best Computer Science Universities in US 2023 Offered Specializations, Ranking of Computer Science Universities

Best Computer Science Universities in US: Computer Science has been affecting and transforming almost every field nowadays. If you are planning to study computer science in US, then you can gain valuable educational experiences. Studying in US provides a no. of opportunities to excel in various economies of the world. Consequently, if you desire to pursue a computer science course but don’t know the right university then we have provided a list of the best computer science schools and colleges in US. Keep scrolling this page to know more about it.

Best Computer Science Universities in US

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a very well-known university that is popular for its world-class faculty that offers high-quality education. The university prepares its students for the high-technology industry by organizing innovative research. In MIT, students get to choose from a no. of specializations in Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Economics & Data Science and Computer Science & Molecular Biology.

Stanford University

Stanford University has a School of Engineering that offers a degree in Computer Science at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. It offers specializations in human-computer interaction, information management, network security, AI, software theory and biocomputation,

Stanford is the attraction for research in a no. of areas such as artificial intelligence, foundations of computer science, scientific computing, robotics, and systems. The faculty of Stanford University lays a large emphasis on interdisciplinary research, which allows the students of Computer Science to simultaneously work in the fields of manufacturing, construction, medicine, linguistics, genetics, chemistry, and various areas of engineering. After graduation, students get prepared for a demanding career in the field of tech and research.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Carnegie Mellon University is a most prestigious university that offers courses in computer science and robotics education. The university ranks highly in the areas of artificial languages, programming languages, and systems & theory.

The School of Computer Science (SCS) offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Science with specialization in human-computer interaction, biology, arts, robotics, machine learning, and even a B.Sc.  in artificial intelligence. Along with this, graduate degrees include specializations in computer vision, privacy engineering, information technology, data science, and product management.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

University of California, Berkeley is another Best-ranked university that offers courses in computer science. The University’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences invites applications from several students from around the world. A degree in Computer Science offers flexibility to explore fields such as music, and economics, while the electrical engineering and computer science program is for those candidates who economics who wants to pursue engineering.

The university organizes research in artificial intelligence, computer architecture, energy, robotics, graphics, and 15 other fields. The University of California has a world-renowned faculty, a beautiful campus, and a strong commitment to excellence in the field of education.

Harvard University

Harvard University is the name itself as it is ranked among the best Universities in the universe. At the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University, students are able to train in both the fundamentals of computation and computation’s interaction. While studying for the degree, students can organize their own research and major in the disciplines of AI, architecture, economics, neuroscience, vision, graphics, programming language, information, and society, among others. The University has tie-ups with colleges in academia, government, public organizations, and industry which helps it to set ground-breaking discoveries and develop new products, technologies, and ideas that improve lives worldwide.

Cornell University

CU or Cornell University is a part of the prestigious Ivy League group. At present, it is ranked 19th in the world for computer science. The department of computer science at CU was established in the year 1965, therefore making it one of the oldest universities in the country. It is located in Ithaca and runs a technology-focused graduate campus in New York City, named Cornell Tech.

Columbia University

Columbia University is also based in New York City. It is ranked 18th and is the best in the research citations per paper indicator. There are many graduates from Columbia University in computer science that are working in the field of computer science with the industry or government sector. Other graduates choose to continue their education or pursue careers in medicine, business administration, or other professional studies.

Princeton University

Princeton University is currently ranked 14th worldwide for computer science and 6th in the US. It performs specifically well in the research citations per H- index and paper indicators.

The Department of Computer Science at Princeton University is part of the university’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. In the same department, approximately 1,900 students are enrolled. Its alumni include computer scientists John von Neumann and Alonzo Church, ‘the father of computer science Alan Turing, and Amazon founder, and CEO Jeff Bezos.

University of Washington

The University of Washington is ranked 15th place in the world, and it is the best 7th best university in the United States this year. The school of computer science at the University of Washington earns its highest score in the research citations per paper and H-index indicators.

It has a college of computer science and engineering which was formed as an inter-college graduate program in the year 1967. Undergraduates often take part in research, with 33 students at the UoW winning the Computing Research Association Undergraduate Research Award more than any program in the United States.

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