Mcmaster University Acceptance Rate 2023 Admission Requirements, Scholarships for International Students

Mcmaster University Acceptance Rate 2023: Mcmaster University is ranked 125 as one of the best global universities and no. 4 in the best global universities in Canada. It is one of the oldest universities based in Canada. The faculties at the university are also very qualified and ranked high in the US News analysis. The University offers courses in different faculties such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Arts and Science, and so on. There are more than 3000 undergraduate courses and 150 graduate courses.

If you are planning to get admitted to Mcmaster University, then this article will explain how the university accepts its undergraduate and graduate students. In this article we have mentioned information about Mcmaster University Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, Scholarships Offered, Apply Process, and Admission Rate for Canadian and International Students. Take a glance at the content given in the post below.

Mcmaster University Admission Requirements

  • Online application & fees
  • Background information of the candidate
  • Reference letter and Resume/ CV
  • Transcript
  • The score of the English Proficiency Test (some countries are exempted)

Mcmaster University Acceptance Rate

The officials of Mcmaster University are very picky in its admission process. However, one must note that there is no fixed acceptance rate for the school as it is different every year. Consequently, we provide you a rate from the school’s previous enrollments. As per the data of the year 2019, the university received 46,168 Applications and only enroll 5,500 students. Taking this report in consideration, it can be said that the Mcmaster acceptance rate is 12%.

Although as per the official website of the university,  its admission rate get a spike from 13.5% in 2000 to 42.44% in the year 2017. This is the acceptance rate for candidates seeking admission in an undergraduate program.

Mcmaster University Acceptance Rate 2023 Apply for Admission

McMaster University offers admission to eligible candidates in both undergraduate and graduate studies. The application fees is around 190 CAD for future students and 120 CAD for the MBA program (The application payment should be done through their official site).

Visit the OUAC i.e. Online University Application Centre- and search for your choice of program on the university website.

Apply online through its portal and fill out the information provided in the same.
Submit your application, the Online University Application Centre will receive your application and after a few weeks of the assessment from the department, it will communicate on your status regarding admission.

Graduate Program

McMaster University offers admit interested candidates in more than 100 programs across all its six faculties. Engineering, Science, Business, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Humanities. The faculty of Science offers 32 graduate programs in total.
When applying for a graduate program, applicants must decide their choice of program, meet the eligibility requirements, language requirements and requisite documents should be submitted.
McMaster University offers various international scholarships, Entrance Scholarships, Travel and Exchange Awards, In-course Awards, External Scholarships, Community Contribution Awards.

Various scholarships at Mcmaster University for both undergraduate and graduate studies are given below:

  • The McMaster Honor Awards (general and named scholarships)
  • Entrance Awards for Indigenous Students
  • Entrance Awards by Application
  • Athletic Financial Awards
  • Faculty Entrance Awards
  • Provost entrance scholarship
  • Engineering Honor Award
  • BTech Entrance Scholarship
  • Provost International Scholarship (All Undergraduate)
  • David Feather Family MBA Scholarship

Admission Rate of Canadian students

  • Student of Canadian nationality also known as domestic students has a high acceptance rate at Mcmaster University.
  • From the data received, students of in Canada for the graduate school program is 3,560 students.
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences accepts domestic graduate students from outside Ontario in Fall 2018 as this faculty has the highest acceptance rate.
  • Domestic Canadian students are made up of Ontario and non-Ontario students.
  • In the undergraduate program, the student rate is- Ontario: 86.4% Non- Ontario: 2.6% International: 11.0%
  • Students of Canada have a very high acceptance rate at Mcmaster university.

The admission rate for International Students

  • In fall 2018, Mcmaster University enrolls 13.3% of all undergraduate students that were international students from 120 countries.
  • The 27% of whole student body was made up of International graduate students in fall 2018.
  • The percentage of undergraduates registering with admission at Mcmaster University has increased from 13.5% in 2000 to 44.7% in 2018.
  • In Fall 2018, there were 26.7% of international students in the graduate programs. The percentage represents 1,297 students.
  • The Faculty of Business at Mcmaster University has the highest percentage of international students for undergraduate programs i.e. 21.5%.
  • Therefore, it can be concluded that the admission rate for international students is fair.

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