Best Korean Learning Apps 2023, List of Best Korean Language Apps, Cost of the Apps, Monthly Subscription, Yearly Subscription

Best Korean Learning Apps 2023: Korean dramas, KPOP, K- fashion, Korean Skincare, all these stuffs are getting famous all over the world nowadays.  Due to an individual’s interest in these things, their interest of learning Korean language is also increasing. Korean language is one of the most interesting and beautiful languages to learn. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and if you are looking for apps to learn Korean then you are the right page. It can be quite difficult to find the best app to learn Korean language, but we have created a list of best apps to learn Korean language so that you can choose the best from the same.

If you are looking to travel to Korea and then you must know their language as Korea has more native speakers then English language. In this post we have mentioned the innovative apps for learning Korean in 2023. You can download these apps on your smartphones and start the learning session. Continue reading the complete article below to know comprehensive information about Best Korean Learning Apps in 2023.

Best Korean Learning Apps 2023


Memrise is the best choice for learning Korean. Other languages app are also good but, Memrise takes it. The mobile version of Memrise is very user friendly. Above all, the app has a lot of free content which is generated from the users of Memrise. Moreover, it also offers a premium subscription which comes with free access to additional features, you will be able to learn the basics of Korean and Korean phrases by using a free version of this app. However, you will not be able to reach the advanced level. For that, you have to refer to some other languages learning app as mentioned below. However, those individuals who are unable to speak a single word of Korean, this app will take you to the next level.


Pimsleur is another interesting language learning app that aims at improving your listening and speaking skills. The app contains all the lessons in the form of audio, and most importantly, you can start conversations in Korean very quickly. As the lessons are in the form of audio, you can carry them anytime and anywhere. Interestingly, there is even a driving mode so you can take the lessons in your car too. Through this course you can progress very soon and efficiently. You can try this app for free. It also offers a free seven day trial through which you can access all the features of this app. The subscription of Pimsleur app priced between $14.99 and $20.99 monthly. A fixed price option is also there which costs $150.00 per level. The complete course includes three level which is priced at $350.00. Its key features include:

  • Audio lessons are beneficial in improving your listening and speaking skills faster as compared to other apps
  • It offers high quality audio that uses native speakers to help your understanding
  • One can take lessons anywhere they want
  • You will be able to learn to navigate situations you’ll face in daily life

Rosetta Stone

Who hasn’t heard of the Rosetta Stone. It is one of the most popular Korean language learning programs in the world. The best thing about the same is that it is available on an app. One can easily learn to speak, read, write, and understand basic words or phrases in Korean in approximately 3- 4 months only. Through this language learning program, you can build a solid foundation so that you can have basic conversations in Korean language with native Korean speakers. The only disadvantage of Rosetta Stone is its price. A 3 month subscription of the course costs around $35. However, you can get access to all their language programs without having a 1-year subscription. It will cost $170 per year.


Drops Korean mainly laid emphasis on Korean phrase and vocabulary learning. It is very easy to use and comes with various games, quizzes, and vocabulary building tools. In this, each word or phrase is displayed with an animation which is the best way to remember it. Moreover, Drop uses spaced-repetition through which you can analyze everything you learn. By just investing a few minutes every day, you will be able to see how quickly your Korean vocabulary grows. The language learning program includes three payment plans i.e. $13.00 per month, $89.99 for one year and $ 159.99 for lifetime. A free version will also be available through which you can study five minutes per day. If you wish to to get access to all of the Drop’s features, then sign up for a free 7 day trial.  The key features for the same inlcude:

  • Comprises of thousands of useful words and phrases
  • It teaches you through unique animations and interactive games which is a great technique to remember new vocab
  • Spaced repetition technology helps to analyze words and phrases
  • User friendly and very well-designed


As compared to other language learning apps, LingoDeer has a great power to clearly explain grammar. The app includes a wide collection of audio recordings and exercises. Initially, you will be taught to learn Korean alphabet concerning the pronunciation and clear explanations.  To hear the proper pronunciation, you can click most of the words. This app is basically curated for adult and old language learners, therefore its not suitable for children. They include features such as listening, multiple-choice, fill up the blanks,  matching pictures to words and ordering sentences, etc. However, the app is not free, it comes with a monthly subscription of $12 a month and $60 for the year.

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