Best Hindi Learning Apps 2023, Benefits of Learning Hindi Language, Features of Apps, List of Top Hindi Language App

Best Hindi Learning Apps 2023: Learning a new language is no easy attempt, whether it is Hindi or any other foreign language. It requires a proper amount of time, patience, motivation, repetition, memorization and finding the language resources which are right, etc. One should always learn an additional language as an extra achievement. Hindi is one of the rewarding languages and there are various Hindi learning apps online.

You can learn Hindi language through various apps which can be paid or free. Hindi language is very interesting and one can learn it by investing proper time. Here is the complete list of the best apps to learn Hindi language for all kind of beginners, intermediates and experts.

Best Hindi Learning Apps 2023


Mondly is a well known language learning app. It teaches various languages among Hindi is a one. This language learning app utilizes quick, short sessions to learn Hindi rapidly. It supports free lessons daily. The app aims at providing conversational Hindi. Individuals will be able to learn Hindi language fast and effectively. In this app, you will get to learn Hindi words, form phrases and sentences, learn to speak and write Hindi sentences and participate in conversations.

Mondly comprises of quick lessons, games, and more. Whether a individual is a beginner or advanced learner, business professional or traveler, this app works great and vigorously as per your needs. The initial session begins with conversational Hindi including grammar and vocabulary.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is another informative language app that offers detailed audio lessons which contain conversations between native Hindi speakers. The app has marked its place in the language learning industry for years. This is why, you can always trust the Rocket Languages Hindi course to be high-quality. The app basically features the conversations in the Hindi course mimic that you hear everyday life in India. Because of this, it is considered as the overall best app to learn Hindi language – you will get to learn real Hindi.

The app helps you learn Hindi language quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t creates a burden on learners with too much grammar lessons. Instead, the language will be taught through conversations that become more advanced over time. The Rocket Languages Hindi Language course is priced at $149.95 for lifetime access. In case, you purchase this course and you are unsatisfied, then there is also a 60- day money back guarantee. Before you buy the course with a 7 day free trial, you can always try Rocket Languages App. The basic features of Rocket Languages App include:

Comprehensive course will transform you from beginner to conversational
The lessons in this app are of high quality and make the most of your study time
All audio lesson is for native speakers
Ultimately, Rocket Languages may be cheaper than other apps


Drops is known to be the most popular Hindi learning app to learn Hindi rapidly. You will be able to learn Hindi language in just five minutes a day as they offer clearly illustrated, captivating and engaging lessons. It also offers recommended resources for individuals keen to learn Hindi, therefore you can take the words learned in Drops to the another level. This language learning app focuses more on informal Hindi and teaches Hindi grammar through applications.


Through this Hindi language learning app, individuals will be introduced to a complete beginner’s Hindi language course for free. You will be able to learn words, sentences/ phrases, and actual expressions which can be used in everyday life, and while traveling abroad too. In Loecsen app, you will also get a downloadable Mp3 and pdf pack, therefore you can practice everything while learning.


Memrise is another popular and standard language learning app that uses every teaching system available. The app involves vocabulary and grammar lessons, informal lessons in Hind. In addition to that, individuals will be able to get offline support, various quizzes tests for proficiency measurement and quizzes, and a pronunciation advisory with recordings of real speakers. You can download the app to learn Hindi language anytime and anywhere.


It is another amazing language learning app to learn Hindi language as it’s evolving and interesting. Majority of the individuals think Hello Talk app is the one of the best app to learn Hindi to English as it is very popular. This language learning app includes Hindi phrases/ sentences, words and expressions in Hindi, idioms and conversation, survival phrases and Hindi greetings. Individuals will be able to chat in Hindi.

Learn Hindi Free

Learn Hindi Free app is a basic language learning app for learning Hindi. It comprises more than 9,000 phrases and words along with audio pronunciation cases. This app works great as a phrasebook of caliber. You will be able to learn phrases rapidly, see letters from the alphabet, and this language teaching app has a decent managing system. It also includes offline support, various quizzes, and a decent search.

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