Best Salesforce Certification Courses 2023 Udemy, Trailhead, PluralSight, Etc.

Best Salesforce Certification Courses: Nowadays Salesforce skills and certifications are very much in demand in the IT sector and with having a few certifications, one can take his/ her career to the next level. However, an individual has to prepare the best way for the certification exams. The ideal place to start is an online salesforce course is an ideal place to start. Scroll down the article below to know more about Best Salesforce Certification Courses to look for in 2023.

About Salesforce

In basic words, salesforce is the most successful customer relationship management software in the world. The software has worked for many small and large organizations alike. Salesforce has brought a model change to the once worldly area where only obsolete marketing rules were at play.

Therefore, if you are looking at growth in 2023, then you should consider salesforce certification as highly strategic and forward-looking move. This will help you not only in getting a new job but also earn a raise and get a promotion. This certification comes with lots of benefits.

Best Salesforce Certification Courses for Beginners

1. The Complete Salesforce Classic Administrator by Udemy

For: Beginners
Price: $19.99
Just by spending $19.99 will get a seat in this bestselling course from Udemy. Through this course, you will learn everything in order to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.

After your enrollment, you need instant access to 10.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 downloadable resources, 17 articles, and 1 practice test. The class starts with a lesson teaching to create your own free account. You will also get to know the core concepts of the platform alongside the mechanics of expanding the Lightning Experience in Salesforce. Adobe certified expert, Aaron Wheeler, Salesforce trainer, and Mike Wheeler instructs the class. The course is basically formulated for beginners and those who are quite experienced and wish to appear for Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.

2. Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential by Trailhead

For: Beginners
Price: Free

Through Trailhead’s course, you can prepare for Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.  It is a 53-hour class that starts with details of the exam so that one can know what to expect when it’s time to appear for the test. After that, the organization setup task in Salesforce takes place.

As the course gets advanced, you’ll have to complete a series of projects and assignments to illustrate your proficiency in the subject. The class trains with a practice test and helpful study tools. Also, enrollment to the course is free, however, candidates will have to sign up for a Trailhead account in order to get started.

3. Formula Fundamentals in Salesforce by PluralSight

For: Beginners
Price: A monthly subscription is included

If you want to acquire a better understanding of the working of Salesforce formulas and want to increase your user experience. This is a 5-star course that is worth enrolling in. The class is over 1.5 hours and comprises 6 modules. Software developer and Instructor Dan Appleman covers functions, operators, data, and formulas. He also shares testing formulas and real-life examples that can significantly assist you while using a platform. You can grab a seat for free of cost by signing up for a 10-day trial.

4. Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Course by Udemy

For: Advanced students
Price: $19.99

This is one of the bestselling courses which prepares you to clear the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Exam. It comprises 115 lectures for 11 hours of video. You need to have access to 9 articles after your enrollment. Instructors Aaron Wheeler and Mike offer 11 modules to enter into essential industry knowledge. You’ll also be able to earn the mechanics of implementing a plan of action, service cloud knowledge management, building custom service apps, solution design, building custom service apps and interaction channels.

For this course, the enrollment is only $19.99 and you must have gained experience working in Salesforce prior to registering for this class.

5. Prepare for Your Salesforce Platform App Builder Credential by Trailhead

For: Intermediate students
Price: Free

This is one of the bestselling courses by Trailhead through which you will be able to review key concepts that appear on the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam. The class commences with a primer on the fundamentals of Salesforce and jumps into more complex concepts regarding app formation. The material is delivered via interactive modules which comprise projects and hands-on tasks designed to increase your experience. After the course, you need to spend approximately 55 hours working via the course.

You should ensure that you understand the design, implementation, and building of custom application basics before enrolling in the course.

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