Best Telugu Learning Apps 2023, Key Features of the Apps, Price of the Apps, Top 7 Telugu Learning Apps

Best Telugu Learning Apps 2023: Telugu is a very interesting and fascinating language. It is mostly widespread in central, southern and eastern India including Sri Lanka and a few other countries. These countries and regions include languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. Although, these languages are not easy to learn on mobile devices, however, there are a ton of languages apps specially curated for the individuals to learn any language from scratch.

Telugu language ranks in fourth place among the other languages of India with the highest number of native speakers, with approximately 82 million speakers. This language is very much spoken member of the Dravidian language family and one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Republic of India. Telugu is the fastest-growing language in other countries too such as in the United States. In US, there is a large Telugu-speaking community. To choose among the best apps to learn Telugu, we have taken every aspect into consideration. We have prepared a list of best language apps available that offer Telugu language. This post represents the complete list of the Best Telugu Learning Apps 2023. So without further ado, go through the article below.

Best Telugu Learning Apps 2023

1. Multibhashi

MultiBhashi is one of the best app to learn the Telugu language online. The best thing about this ap is that it mainly focuses on to teach you how to be great at speaking, listening, writing, reading, and grammar. It includes conversation and videos topics. The app delivers on their promise and keeps your attention. Through this, learners are encouraged that addictive quality to build good habits. One can get the best speaking tips and learn the language through experts. With the help of Multibhashi, you can learn Telugu as well as other regional and foreign languages too.

2. 50 Languages

It is another language learning app, however is a less popular language learning platform but it supports a wide variety of languages that other platforms fail at. Such includes Dravidian languages like Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. 50 Languages have around 100 lessons, which comprises of vocabulary and grammar, cross platform support, audio pronunciations and so on. The apps are affordable which is quite great. It’s a great learning app for beginners and potentially intermediates.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books and its alike platforms sell various language learning books. Through such books, one can learn efficiently. You should look for those audiobooks that teach common words and phrases. Along with that, there are books regarding the history of the languages with additional resources for learning. It is one of the best way to learn Dravidian languages without taking a real-life class. Unfortunately, the books are very costly. Otherwise, it’s a great alternative for learning Telugu.

4. HelloTalk and Tandem

HelloTalk and Tandem are two interesting apps  to learn foreign languages. Both the apps are social communities. In this app, you can pair with other users who will teach you their language and you can teach them yours. It is a great way to learn new stuff together. The apps support both audio and video calls along with other forms of messaging. Both of these apps support 100 languages which also involves some Dravidian languages too.

5. Shoonya Kids App

This app help kids learn Telugu language, however, its an great choice for complete beginners. This is mainly because it teaches from the beginning and eventually builds up your communication skills. The app focuses on to teaching your first 500 phrases and words. Later on,  you can have basic conversations in Telugu. It includes lessons that follow various themes through which you can navigate everyday situations more effortlessly. Additional features are also available to increase your learning experience, such as interactive and avatars landscapes. Through this app, you can quickly learn 500 new words and phrases. It teaches easy lessons which are simple. In addition to that it has various features that make learning more fun and interactive. The app can be downloaded for free. Besides this, it is ad-free, so you will not be interrupted in learning the language.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a great source for learning different languages. Some even take the infrequent language tutorial for Dravidian languages. In YouTube, there are various creators out there that deal with different languages. In addition to that, there are certain creators that speak such languages and helps with comprehension.

7. Learn Telugu Quickly

Telugu language is not at all easy to learn as most difficult aspects of learning this language is writing and reading. Telugu alphabet is one of the most important parts of learning this language, and this app is the best app to do it. You can  study Telugu language from 18 different languages which is the best part. It can be accessed by a wider range of people. The app includes entertaining and effective activities, and the it helps you excel the alphabet in a short span of time. Learn Telugu Quickly is free to download, however there are few ads that can interrupt you while taking lessons. While, you can also buy the app for one time charge of $2.99 to remove the ads. It’s key features include:

  • Study the alphabet and learn it rapidly
  • Learn words in different categories
  • Through flashcards you can review what you learn
  • Includes both audio and text to increase your understanding


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