Big Brother Canada 2023 Auditions, Cast, Requirements, Previous Winners

Big Brother Canada 2023: Canadian reality television series Big Brother is a component of the worldwide Big Brother series. This is the first series to utilize the American format, which varies significantly from other countries. The show focuses on a group of competitors known as HouseGuests who live under continuous camera monitoring in a custom-built house. While staying in the home, the HouseGuests are cut off from the outside world and deprived of modern conveniences like the internet and phones.

Every week, one of the competitors gets evicted from the house, and the grand prize winner takes home $100,000 in addition to other prizes. The game’s rules are often changed as “twists” are introduced during each season. In order to protect themselves, the contestants are obliged to wear individual microphones at all times and are constantly monitored through audio and video. To keep them in the dark, contestants aren’t allowed to communicate with people outside the home using any of these methods. The only books permitted in the home are those from the Bible and other religious texts.

Big Brother Canada 2023: Highlights

The show’s website offers free access to a live stream from within the home. Big Brother Canada is the very first series to utilize the American format, which varies significantly from other countries. Twists introduced to the game have changed the rules of the game over the seasons.

Type Reality Show
Based Upon Big Brother (John De Mol)
Host Arisa Cox
Country of Origin Canada
Language English
Official Webpage
Total Seasons 9
Original Release Date 27th February 2013

Big Brother Canada 2023 Application Procedure

  • Those participants who are willing to apply should read the show’s full terms and conditions.
  • To participate, you should complete the application form if you are qualified.
  • The show’s application form would be accessible on the show’s official website.
  • Participants should enter all true and reliable information in the application form; otherwise, the form will be denied.
  • Participants may put in information such as their name, valid email address, active phone number, and so on.
  • After completing the form, you must upload a short video.
  • If your application is shortlisted, the team will contact you for the next step.

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. It is your responsibility to be available for an interview with the Producer as soon as the Producer schedules one with you through Skype.
  2. You should be ready to come to Toronto for roughly one week at a period as determined by the Producer in its absolute discretion for the ultimate selection procedure if you are chosen by the Producer for an interview in the Semi-Finals. The Producer will organize and pay for all expenses, including round-trip airfare to and from Toronto, Ontario, hotel stays, and per diem.
  3. You should be ready to spend roughly seventy-five (75) days in the Big Brother Canada house in Toronto with a dozen people in which you will seem to have little privacy, as decided solely by the Producer. If you are selected to live in the house, you are responsible for making the required arrangements with your employer and family in advance of your prolonged departure from home.
  4. When you enter the contest, you agree that the home is equipped with video and audio recording equipment that will record broadcasts, and display your movements and voice continuously for the length of your participation in the contest, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The Producer, as well as the general public, will be monitoring you at all times through television, the Internet, mobile devices, and any other medium available.
  5. CAD$100,000 will be awarded to one lucky contestant, and that winner will be chosen at random by the Producer and/or Broadcaster. Each contestant will receive a weekly stipend for the time they spend in the Big Brother Canada House. You won’t get your prize money until after the final episode of the programme has been aired.
  6. You must be 19 years old by the 1st of February 2023 in order to participate.
  7. Your citizenship or permanent residency in Canada must be established before February 1, 2023.
  8. Physical and mental health is both essential for this job.
  9. If you are chosen for an interview, you will be given additional application materials (including but not constrained to extra psychological and health questionnaires) or paperwork (such as your identity documents, citizenship, and/or other proof of identity) and a Medical Record form, which you must finish and return (preceding the date of your individual interviews in Toronto).
  10. Finalists must finish the Participant Form Bundle provided to them by the Producer, which includes but is not restricted to Participant Agreement & Release, medical assessments (such as blood and urine tests), nondisclosure agreements (such as those for your family members), caretaker agreements, and any other information requested by the Producer. In addition, you’ll be subjected to physical and psychological testing in Toronto by medical professionals chosen by the Producer, and you’ll have to satisfy all of the producer’s physical and psychological standards.
  11. In your application for Big Brother Canada, you grant the Producer permission to undertake civil, criminal, financial, and driving history checks as well as any other background checks the Producer deems necessary.

A pool of around sixty (60) contenders would be selected from the applicants. The Producer retains the right to modify any of the application conditions at any time, as well as to choose or not choose anybody at its own discretion.

The Producer is searching for a lively group of people who are eloquent, fascinating, and enthusiastic about the project, and also ready to express their most private ideas in front of a large audience of strangers. This group of people should have the bodily, mental, and intellectual ability to survive 75 days in a supervised home under extreme circumstances, in addition to fulfilling the program’s technological criteria.

Big Brother Canada 2023: Previous Winners

Season Winner Name Year
Season 1 Jillian MacLaughlin 2013
Season 2 Jon Pardy 2014
Season 3 Sarah Hanlon 2015
Season 4 Nick & Phil Paquette 2016
Season 5 Kevin Martin 2017
Season 6 Paras Atashnak 2018
Season 7 Dane Rupert 2019
Season 8 Season Discontinued 2020
Season 9 Tychon Carter Newman 2021
Season 10 To be Announced 2023

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