Ehsaas Scholarship 2023 Application Form, Eligibility, Dates- Apply Online

Several children are still unable to continue their education in order to brighten their future because of a family issue, a poor income, or the retirement of their parents. The Prime Minister has thus offered Ehsaas scholarship opportunities for all brilliant and deserving students in order to enable them to complete their further education. Scholarships in the amount of 200,000 would be awarded to students who are serious about continuing their education during the next four years. Depending on the undergraduate scholarship program, this is the biggest program in Pakistan’s history and is the world’s largest. Annually, 50,000 individuals from low-income households would be offered scholarships to cover the cost of their entire undergraduate degree program, which is a 4-5 year program. Check Ehsaas Scholarship 2023 Program Details.

This scholarship would include the whole tuition cost, as well as the stipend for living expenses at the residence, which will be provided at the rate of 40,000 a month. This year’s regional distribution scholarship will be awarded to students from all provinces, especially AJK and GB.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2023: Highlights

Annually, the Pakistani government awards 50,000 scholarships to deserving students from low-income families who demonstrate exceptional talent. This program is favorable to them, and it was created to provide them with the possibility to advance in their careers. In addition, a particular quota for disadvantaged people and women has been set aside under the plan.

Who can Apply?

The following students can apply:

  • Youngsters come from families with an annual income of less than 45,000.
  • An applicant who is enrolled in any year of a UG degree at a public sector institution is eligible to apply.
  • Scholarships are designated for women in the proportion of 50%.
  • Two percent of the total scholarship funds are set aside for students with physical or mental disabilities.

Things covered by scholarship program:

  • Tuition is paid in full at all times.
  • A monthly stipend of 40,000.
  • This scholarship program has been extended to students from all public colleges who meet the qualifying requirements.

Geographical spread scholarship:

  • Four provinces.
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir.
  • Gilgit Baltistan.

The method of submitting scholarship:

  • The tuition fee would be paid immediately to the institutions of the applicants.
  • The family stipend would be sent immediately to the savings account of the student when the appropriate verification has been completed.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2023: Perks

In addition, the students are entitled to the following perks:

  • Candidates who have been admitted on the basis of merit and who have met the admission requirements of the specific institution.
  • Applicants who are presently engaged in undergraduate degree programs at one of the public sector’s designated institutions;
  • Age requirements for entrance to the institution, as specified by the university’s rules.
  • The scholarship would only be awarded to individuals who demonstrate financial need and are pursuing undergraduate degree programs.
  • Candidates who have previously been awarded similar scholarships or incentives are unable to apply for this scholarship or program.
  • Students enrolled in nighttime programs such as Self-Sustainment, Self-Support, and Self-Finance are disqualified.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Youngsters from low-income households deserve to be there.
  • Enrolled students in associated public sector institutions who are in their first year of undergraduate study are qualified to participate.
  • Just students who were admitted to their relevant public sector institutions on the basis of merit are allowed to participate.
  • Applicants for the award who were accepted into a self-finance / self-support program are ineligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Students who are already receiving a scholarship or grant from another source are unable to apply for this one.
  • The application process is ineligible for students who are currently receiving any other scholarship or award from any other source.
  • This program is restricted to normal students solely. Students enrolled in distance learning programs are disqualified.
  • Candidates of undergraduate degree programs would be eligible to apply for the Ehsaas Scholarship, which would provide need-based scholarships.

Ehsaas Scholarship 2023 Application Process

  • To begin, go to, which is the main site of the Higher Education Commission, to submit an online application.
  • You may also send your completed applications, together with any supporting documentation (which would have been specified on the forms), to Financial Aid Offices at the respective colleges.
  • Applications that are submitted directly to HEC or BISP will not be accepted.
  • The deadline for applying for the Ehsaas scholarship would be announced on the website in the near future.

Required Documents

The documents listed below will be necessary:

  • A photocopy of the CNIC of (Mother, Father, or Guardian).
  • Copy of the individual’s CNIC / B. Form
  • If the father works as a daily wage laborer, a merchant, or does a private business, you must attach an assurance of income certificate with a minimal stamp paper value of Rs. 50.
  • Father’s/Guardian’s/Mother’s/Guardian’s/Guardian’s/Guardian’s/Guardian’s/ Guardian’s
  • Copies of the Individual’s and Siblings’ Fee Receipt (If applicable).
  • Copy of a rented house’s lease contract
  • Copies of the previous six-month utilities (telephone, gas, energy, and water).
  • Copies of expenditures and accompanying medical bills documentation (if applicable).
  • One image of the house from the front.
  • One passport-size picture of the candidate.

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