Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions, Do’s and Don’ts, How to Become Strong in Extempore, Social Issues, Economic Issues

Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions: MBA candidates are required to pre-prepare a few of the topics regarding their trade and the test of these topics will be organized by the faculty or anyone at any time. The main factor that is responsible for mastering the extempore is mental preparation. Students who are looking for admission in top MBA Colleges, they must be ready for extempore topics. These are not just limited to speeches.

A condition may arise where highly skilled business aspirants are giving their personal interview, but because of the low confidence and lacking speech practices, they fail to impress the board of directors. Sometimes individuals are unable to express their points in a constructive way which can lead to negative impression. This is where ‘Extempore’ takes over. A business professional who is engaged in effective conversations displays confidence and personality, thus, it is very important to work upon your communication skills. If you wish to  pursue Business or Management courses, then you should give a look at this post. Read out the full post below to get details about Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions as given here.

Extempore Topics For MBA

Extempore acts as a final selection round in MBA admissions and this round takes 2-3 minutes before the conduction of personal interview. An extempore topic in MBA is concerned with current affairs social topics. It checks student’s ability to think on-spot, presentation skills and knowledge over many subjects.

Skills important for extempore:

  • Communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Ability to think on the spot

80 Extempore Topics for MBA Admissions

In the below section, we have listed some of the important extempore topics that are necessary for MBA programme. The extempore lecture is designed and delivered without any proper preparation. Extempore needs four important skills that are speaking, thinking, listening,  and organizing. Generally, extempore is a lecture in which candidate is allotted a topic on the time and you they are required to speak at that moment only, no time will be given to them to prepare a lecture. It is basically conducted to test student’s knowledge and their ability to express themselves in good words.

Besides this, focus on things like your presence of mind, awareness, confidence and fluency in the language. A random topic will be assigned to you on which you have to speak and 5-7 minutes will be provided for you to think and then deliver your speech accordingly on that topic. Extempore Speech plays a very important part in MBA Admissions.

Economy Regarding Extempore Topics for MBA

  • How will the Economy Retrieve from Covid-19’s Impact?
  • Globalization
  • Banking Frauds
  • Privatization
  • Impact of demonetization
  • Inflation
  • Common currency in South Asia such as in Europe
  • E-commerce discounts are harmful

Interesting Extempore Topics

  • IT: Boon or Bane
  • Impact of technology on Jobs
  • Globalization & Indian Economy
  • Green marketing and climate change
  • Ways to reduce the wealth gap between rich & poor
  • Disaster Management in India
  • Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin
  • Why Individual Data Privacy is necessaryt?
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat
  • Free Speech

Current Affairs Extempore Topics for MBA

  • Online Education
  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Work from Home – Pros and Cons
  • New Education Policy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Recent Initiative by the Government
  • Citizenship Amendment Act
  • Moon Mission
  • Media Trials: Pros & Cons
  • Data theft by social media platforms
  • Make in India vs Make for India
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence

Abstract Extempore Topics for MBA

  • Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?
  • Innovation Vs Invention
  • Do We Need More Managers or Entrepreneurs?
  • Namaste
  • Mythology vs Management
  • Optimism
  • Academic Scores not a good estimate of intelligence
  • Red vs Blue
  • Liberal Education
  • Infinity
  • Ignorance is bliss

Social Issue Extempore Topics for MBA

  • Aid in the Fertilizer Sector
  • Covid-19 Pandemic and its Affect on Healthcare
  • Farm Bill 2020: Concerns, Issues
  • Covid-19 & Ensuring Public Health
  • Climate Justice
  • Unemployment in India
  • Rural Development
  • Global Terrorism
  • Reservations in India
  • Good economics is good politics
  • Social Media is making us anti-social
  • Women Empowerment

Do’s And Don’ts For An Extempore

  • First think then speak
  • Do not get personal
    Be calm and confident
  • Do not repeat things again and again
    Add facts and figures
  • Avoid hesitation
  • Do not rely on other people’s sources

Tips To Become Strong In Extempore

  • Increase grammar and vocabulary.
  • Learn to collect and organize all the points and ideas
  • Choose topics in accordance with current affairs, social and economic problem and prepare them accordingly
  • Try to speak in less time.
  • Work on your voice modulation and body language.
  • Try to speak in a friendly and funny manner.
  • Be fluent and confident.

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