IJSO 2023 Registration, Dates, International Junior Science Olympiad

IJSO 2023 –IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad) is a natural science solo and team competitive examination for students who are under 15 years of age. Germany is the host country for the Olympiad. Through IJSO, students learn basic scientific ideas and is not restricted to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology only. The exam consists of MCQ, lab tests, and theory tests which are held on successive days with at least one day between each test.

There are two ceremonies i.e. the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. The final results of the test are announced at the closing ceremony. IJSO 2023 is the 18th edition of the Olympiad. Each country has a standard team of 6 students and 3 leaders for the event. However, if the standard team cannot be represented, a minimum team of 3 students and 1 leader will be eligible to take part in IJSO. Individual participation is forbidden.

IJSO 2023 Important Schedule

Events Dates (Expected)
Last Date for Pre-Registration 4th week of July 2023
Due Date for Registration 3rd week of October 2023
Leaders/ Observer Program 1st to 2nd week of December 2023
Student Program 1st to 2nd week of December 2023
Hamad International Airport Arrival 1st week of December 2023
Opening Ceremony 1st week of December 2023
Tour 1st week of December 2023
Discussion and Translation (Theory) 1st week of December 2023
Tour 1st week of December 2023
Discussion and Translation (Practical) 2nd week of December 2023
Tour 2nd week of December 2023
Moderation 2nd week of December 2023
Closing Ceremony 2nd week of December 2023
Departure 2nd week of December 2023

Eligibility Requirements

All the aspirants are advised to go through the complete eligibility conditions that need to be fulfilled below. Candidates failing to satisfy the eligibility restrictions would be deemed ineligible for IJSO.

  • Age: The age of the contenders must not be more than 15 years old.
  • Citizenship: Aspirants must possess a valid passport of the respective country or should be in the education system of that country for a minimum of one academic year.
  • A standard team consists of 6 students and 3 leaders. If a normal team cannot be fulfilled, at least a team of 3 students and 1 leader will be eligible to participate in IJSO. Teams consisting of less than 3 members will not be eligible for team awards.
  • Contenders can’t use their own collection of formulae from physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. during the competition.
  • Each participating nation that has either taken part with a team or sent an observer to the IJSO in one of the previous 2 years, is invited to send a representative of 6 students and 3 team leaders.

IJSO 2023 Registration Process

Eligible teams and those who wish to participate in IJSO are required to register on its official website, ijsoweb.org. Aspiring teams and contenders will have to complete the registration within the time frame indicated. First-time participants need to make a request and get a password for pre-registration by submitting an application to their nation-specific website. The official web portal for Indian participants is www.olympiads.hbcse.tifr.res.in. After getting the password, complete the pre-registration process through the official website of the IJSO pre-registration login page.

Participation Fee

Candidate Fee
Fee for each team US $ 1000
Fee for each observer US $ 1500
Fee for each visitor US $ 2000
For visitors for a single room (additional fee) US $ 900/- person

Account Details for Fee Payment:

Name of The Bank Bank of Baroda
Bank Code 110167
Account Number 95210100011273
Account Name International Junior Science Olympiad- BW2022

Exam Pattern

  • The Olympiad is divided into three test papers i.e. MCQ, practical and theoretical, which are provided on three distinct days.
  • Each test will be scheduled for 3-4 hours.
  • The medium of the tests is English, and each leader will have to translate it into their own language.
  • As a result, each nation will have the option of using English or their native language.
  • The MCQ test involves total 30 questions, including 10 questions from each Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • In the MCQ test, one score is provided for each right answer while each wrong response is worth a 0.25 score.
  • In addition to that, questions that are not attempted will get 0 points.
S. No. Section No. of Questions
1. MCQ 30
2. Theoretical 40
3. Practical 40

No. of Questions in IJSO 2019:

Subjects Questions
Physics 20
Chemistry 20
Mathematics 20
Biology 20
Total 80

No. of Questions in IJSO 2020:

Subjects Questions
Physics 15
Chemistry 15
Mathematics 15
Biology 15
MSQ 10
Total 70


The results of the competition will be issued only at the closing ceremony of the event. Qualifying contenders will get medals on the basis of individual total points. Since the Theoretical test and MCQ tests are individual events and the practical test is a team event, the points assigned to the individual for the theoretical test and MCQ are added to the team points for the practical test. All the participants will get a certification of participation, disregarding of whether they have won any medals or not.

Best theoretical winner: The contender with the highest score in the theoretical test and MCQ.

Best team: The team scoring the highest score in the practical test.

Country Winner: All 6 individuals’ scores will be included/added. However, if there is a tie, gold medals are assigned 3 points, silver medals 2 points, and bronze medals 1 point. In case the tie still persists, only gold and silver medals will be considered. In case of a further ties, only gold medals will be taken into consideration.

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