Nobel Prize 2023 Winner List, Previous Year’s Nobel Prize Winner List

Alfred Nobel’s own wealth was used to finance the Nobel Prize. As per authoritative sources, Alfred Nobel left 94 percent of his wealth to the Nobel Foundation, which currently serves as the Nobel Prize’s financial foundation. On June 29, 1900, the Nobel Foundation was established as a separate foundation. Its job is to oversee the Nobel Prizes’ funding and management. The Nobel in Economic Fields of science in Memorial of Sir Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize’s creator, was created by Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s reserve bank) in 1968. Nobel Prizes are generally considered as the most esteemed honors bestowed in their professions.

The award celebrations take held once a year. A gold medal, a certificate, and a cash prize are given to each winner (referred to as a “laureate”). Since its establishment, the Nobel Prize has been granted 112 times to a maximum of 186 people. Recently, Benjamin List has won a Prize in Chemistry 2021, and David W.C. Macmillan has also been recognized for his contributions to the creation of asymmetric organocatalytic systems. Benjamin was born in the year 1968 in Germany. WC Macmillan is from Scotland. However a medal cannot be distributed by more than three individuals, the Nobel Peace Prize can sometimes be given to groups of more than 3 persons.

Nobel Prize 2023 Winners List

Research Field  Winners
Physiology or Medicine To be Announced
Physics To be Announced
Chemistry To be Announced
Literature To be Announced
Peace To be Announced
Economic science To be Announced

Nobel Prize 2021 Winners List

Research Field  Winners
Physiology or Medicine David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian
Physics Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi
Chemistry Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan
Literature Abdulrazak Gurnah
Peace Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov
Economic science David Card, Joshua D Angrist, and Guido W Imbens

Nobel Prize Winners 2021: Funding

This year’s celebrations have been a combination of physical and virtual activities because of the epidemic. The awardees will get their respective medals and diplomas in their native countries in the month of December, according to the organization.

The Nobel Prize was already been given 112 times between 1901 and 2020, as per statistics. Frederick Sanger has been the only being to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry two times, in 1958 and 1980. Around 185 individuals have received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, per the Nobel Prize in Chemistry statistics. Emmanuel Charpentier and Jennifer A. Duodena, who developed a technique for genome modification, have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 2021. To see the entire list of Nobel Prize Awardees for all categories in 2021, see the full article beneath.

The cash prize in 2021 will be 10,000,000 SEK. However a medal cannot be distributed by more than three individuals, the Nobel Peace Prize can sometimes be given to groups of more than 3 persons. Despite that Nobel Prizes are not given retrospectively, if someone is nominated for one and expires prior to receiving it, the reward is nevertheless given.

Nobel Prize Winners 2021: Physics

The Imperial Swedish Academy of Sciences has chosen to give Ukuro Manebe, Klaus Hassel Mann, and Giorgio Paris the Nobel Prize in Physics for this year “in respect of the achievements to the understanding of complexity physiological systems.” “For physical modeling of Earth’s climatic conditions, measuring variability, and accurately forecasting global warming,” Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hassel Mann had also been mutually rewarded share of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics. “For his finding of the interplay of disorder and variations in physical phenomena from atomic to planetary sizes,” Giorgio Parisi has been received half of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2021.


The Prize in Chemistry for the year 2021 has been given to Benjamin List and David W.C. Macmillan “in respect of the discovery of asymmetric Organocatalytic.” These awardees were born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1968 and in Scotland, respectively.


Abdulrazak Gurnah was honored with the Nobel Prize in Literature for “his relentless and sympathetic understanding of the consequences of colonization and the destiny of the immigrant in the abyss between civilizations and nations.”

Mr. Gurnah was born on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar in 1948 and currently resides in the United Kingdom. In nearly two decades, he is the first African to receive the prize, which is regarded as the most renowned in global literature.


The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was given to three economists namely, David Card, Joshua D. Angrist, and Guido W. Imbens.

Mr. Card has built a career out of investigating unexpected studies in order to answer economic issues such as whether increasing the minimum wages leads workers to give up their employment.

Mr. Angrist and Mr. Imbens have created research methods that allow economists to test large ideas in legitimate circumstances, such as how more schooling impacts wages.


David Julius and Ardem Patpoutian were mutually honored Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2021 “for their discovery of temperature and sensation receptors.” Their findings explain the chemical foundation for feeling heat, cold, and mechanical force, as well as our capacity to feel, understand, and communicate with our externally and internally surroundings, solving one of nature’s riddles, is distinctive.


The Nobel Prize for Peace has been given to two reporters, Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, for the year 2021. Respective Journalists are from Russia and the Philippines, are among the participants. They were given peace awards mostly for their struggle for freedom of speech and expression in the face of adversity.

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