PRAGATII (IND- SAT) 2023 Registration, Dates, Examination Pattern

PRAGATII basically stands for Performance Rating of Applicants through Global Aptitude Test for Indian Institutes. It is a standardized online proctored test for the students who wish to avail the scholarship with Study in India (SII). For this, aspirants have to qualify for the PRAGATII test which will be a multiple-choice objective paper that needs to be solved within 90 minutes only. In this exam, the student’s verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning will be tested. This test is mandatory for the entire student’s of the country if they want to get a scholarship.

PRAGATII (IND- SAT) 2023 Examination Pattern

Examination mode Online proctored
Duration of exam 90 minutes
Type of questions Objective (Multiple Choice Questions)
Question paper medium English only
Correct answer +1
Negative marking 00

Subject-wise distribution of questions and marks:

Sections No. of questions Marks
Verbal 40 40
Quantitative aptitude 25 25
Logical reasoning 90 90
Total 90 90


Candidates are suggested to take this assessment on a desktop or laptop with a fully equipped Windows operating system only. They must not be late for the test, therefore make sure to access the examination link within the allotted time. Download Mettl Secure Browser from the button mentioned in the invitation email which was sent to log in for the examination/ assessment. Good and consistent internet connectivity with more than 500 kbps should be there.

PRAGATII (IND- SAT) 2023 Authorization

Candidates are required to keep valid ID Proofs along with any one of the following mentioned documents:


Driving license

Photo ID issued by local govt/ educational institution/ employer

Citizenship ID card

Before beginning the test, candidates will have to submit a live snapshot of/ her face that matches/ her photo id proof.

Online Proctoring Dos and Don’ts

  • The candidate must keep their face at the camera at all times throughout the exam.
  • The face of the candidate must be visible properly and there must be adequate light in the room.
  • Candidates cannot use Google or any other browser to search for answers.
  • They are not allowed to use any reference material.
  • They should not move away from their seats throughout the exam.
  • Use of any electronic items such as calculators, mobile phones, etc. is prohibited. Only on-screen calculators and rough paper are allowed in the examination.
  • Candidates are not allowed to talk during the exam.
  • They should not read the questions aloud.
  • No breaks will be provided during the exam.
  • The candidate must not wear headphones.
  • They cannot have any food or beverage throughout the exam.
  • In case any unfair means are found, then the candidate’s test will be canceled.
  • The candidate must ensure, that no other person is in the room except the candidate himself.

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  1. What’s the pass mark of the test and also modify the system for those that don’t have a personal computer.

  2. the fact that the candidate should be alone is not possible,,,,,and also can you please modify the system so that one can be able to do the exam using her phone,,,

  3. ”The candidate must ensure, that no other person is in the room except the candidate himself. ”
    How is this possible? i don’t have internet access in my home so I must have to use the internet café in the neighborhood. So how will i manage to move other costumers from the house?

  4. Is there Any Excuse, if candidate didn’t have computer ? Due to financial problems in our country not Anyone have able to Afford computer.

  5. Why if a Clint doesn’t have a computer?
    Because in my country not everyone has that. Please try to be optional.


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