IGNOU Convocation 2023: 36th Convocation Registration, Dates & Venue

IGNOU Convocation 2023: The Indira Gandhi National Open University, the National Resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning, with a worldwide reputation and existence, will offer fully integrated access to high, learner-centric schooling, skill modernization, and mentoring to all by leveraging innovative inventions and techniques and guaranteeing the consolidation of established solutions for a wide range development of human resources, which is essential for boosting integrated national development and globalization. IGNOU is a reputable and authorized government distant education institution. It is a centralized university that was founded in 1985 by an enactment. As a result, an IGNOU online education degree is comparable to a degree from an approved Indian institution.

IGNOU has throughout the years remained faithful to the nation’s aspirations in terms of offering education to the underserved. All convicts in jails around the nation are entitled to free learning. A considerable amount of SC/ST candidates have been accepted to the University’s different programs, and initiatives had also been conducted to reach out to those who serve in the country’s armed and paramilitary agencies.

IGNOU Convocation 2023: Eligibility

Individuals who were qualified for a Degree/Diploma/Certificate at the 36th Convocations but have not yet acquired the Certificate/registered for this reason may necessarily apply immediately. After completing the registration process, users may log in and fill out the relevant information, as well as attach the appropriate documentation, which includes the following:

  1. IGNOU Identification Card
  2. Mark sheet/Provisional Certificate in jpg/jpeg format with a file size of up to 100kb.

Prospective candidates must additionally pay the appropriate fee digitally for this objective, as detailed below:

  • If you haven’t already done so, you may pay Rs. 600 per certificate online for Master’s, Bachelor’s, Post Graduate Diploma, and Diploma Programs.
  • For candidates who have finished their Course of study in the 36th Convocation, there is a fee of Rs.200/- for PG Certificate/ Certificate courses.
  • For candidates who finished their Course of study at the 36th Convocation, there is no charge for PG Certificate/ Certificate courses.
  • MBA, MCA, M.COM, BTCM, BNS, and other students must pay a charge of Rs.600/- for every certification.
  • The following methods may be used to pay the required cost online:
  1. Whatever bank’s debit/credit card
  2. Internet Banking
  • After successfully paying the required money, students may print the acknowledgment.

IGNOU Convocation 2023: Validation of Degree

In the fields of higher education, educational programmes, and professional growth, the Institution has had a considerable impact. For the purpose of increasing the educational possibilities given by the University, it has formed partnerships with reputable governmental institutions and commercial businesses. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada, has recognised it as a global leader in distance education and has given it prizes of distinction.

At its head office and several regional centers, IGNOU has a dynamic campus recruitment unit that facilitates on-campus and off-campus employment for candidates. Applicants can visit the webpage often to be informed about IGNOU’s placement efforts. The institution notifies enrolled students through email about the recruitment campaigns it holds occasionally.

Various firms come to the university’s institution to employ students for multiple roles. Axis Bank, Barclays, Genpact, IBM, Convergys, Wipro, Infosys, Reliance Retail, British Telecom (BT), Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Institutions, HDFC Argo, CYIENT, and others are among the organizations that often engage in the university’s recruitment program.

IGNOU Convocation 2023: Mark sheet Downloading Procedure

  • IGNOU results are published on the authorized webpage of IGNOU at www.ignou.ac.in by the examination board.
  • After then, the IGNOU test board mails the candidates’ actual IGNOU mark sheets to their home addresses. However, it is possible that IGNOU would take longer to issue IGNOU mark sheets to all candidates.
  • IGNOU candidates ought to be persistent in waiting for their IGNOU mark sheet. In general, IGNOU might take 15 to 30 weekdays to release the individuals’ mark sheets. IGNOU may require 10 to 12 months to deliver students with their mark sheets in certain situations. There could also be a postponement.
  • Aside from that, individuals may check the progress of their mark sheets over the website. Instead, individuals may inquire about their grades at an IGNOU regional study center.
  • During the convocation, IGNOU will also distribute IGNOU mark sheets and degree certificates.
  • If individuals have not received their mark sheet, they may submit a letter to IGNOU.
  • For getting an IGNOU mark sheet, individuals must pay Rs. 400 digitally.
  • To obtain the certificate, participants must submit a demand draught in the name of IGNOU.
  • To receive their degree or diploma and IGNOU mark sheet, individuals should join their convocation.

IGNOU Regional Offices

  • AGARTALA RC CODE-26 PH.OFF: 0381-2519391 E-MAIL : rcagartala@ignou.ac.in
  • AHMEDABAD RC CODE-09 PH.OFF: 02717-242975, E-MAIL : rcahmedabad@ignou.ac.in
  • AIZWAL RC CODE-19 PH.OFF: 0389-2395260, E-MAIL : rcaIzwal@ignou.ac.in
  • ALIGARH RC CODE-47 PH.OFF: 0571-2700120 E-MAIL : rcaligarh@ignou.ac.in
  • BANGALORE RC Code-13 PH.OFF: 080-26654747, E-MAIL : rcbangalore@ignou.ac.in
  • BHAGA LPUR RC CODE-82 PH.OFF: 0641-2610055, E-MAIL : rcbhagalpur@ignou.ac.in
  • BHOPAL RC CODE-15 PH.OFF: 0755-2578455/ 2578452, E-MAIL : rcbhopal@ignou.ac.in
  • BHUBANESHWAR RC CODE-21 PH.OFF: 0674-2301348/2301250, E-MAIL : rcbhubaneswar@ignou.ac.in
  • BIJAPUR RC CODE-85 PH.OFF : 08352-252006 E-MAIL : rcbijapur@ignou.ac.in
  • CHANDIGARH RC CODE-06 E-MAIL : rcchandigarh@ignou.ac.in
  • CHENNAI RC CODE-25 PH.OFF: 044-24312766, E-MAIL : rcchennai@ignou.ac.in
  • COCHIN RC CODE-14 PH.OFF: 0484-2340203, E-MAIL : rccohin@ignou.ac.in
  • DARBHANGA RC PH.OFF: 06272-251833, E-MAIL : rcdarbhanga@ignou.ac.in
  • DEHRADUN RC CODE-31 E-MAIL : rcdehradun@ignou.ac.in
  • DELHI 1 PH.OFF : 011-26990082, E-MAIL : rcdelhi1@ignou.ac.in
  • DELHI 2 RC CODE-29 PH.OFF: 011-23392374, 23392376, E-MAIL : rcdelhi2@ignou.ac.in
  • GANGTOK RC CODE-24 PH.OFF: 03592-231102 E-MAIL : rcgangtok@ignou.ac.in
  • HYDERABAD RC CODE-01 PH.OFF: 040-23117554 E-MAIL : rchyderabad@ignou.ac.in

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  1. In which month the 36th convocation of PG certificate degree will going to conduct? My PG degree had finished on March 2022
    And I have recieved provisional certificate and marksheet on July month 2022.


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