SAGE Test Online 2023 Early Symptoms, Accuracy, Scores, Results, Requirements

SAGE Test Online 2023- SAGE or Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam is basically formulated to identify early signs of thinking disorders, memory or cognitive. It tests one’s thinking skills and through which doctors understand how well your brain is working. This is an online dementia home self-assessment tool which has provided excellent results in properly identifying cognitive deficits.

If you’re worried about your and your loved one’s memory, then you must take this SAGE (Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam). The researchers of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center  have developed this test as a tool to discover early signs of cognitive (memory or thinking disorders) damage. This tool can easily detect the early symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The SAGE test for dementia is done via written method. Through this test, people who are at risk of dementia or developing symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are identified. In this article, you will get to know about SAGE Test, who should take this test, how it is done, results, etc.

About SAGE Test

This is a free pen-and-paper based test. The test is held for 15 minutes at home only, and it exactly identify the premature symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia. However, some people also feel that the stress sometimes slow down their brain in function. For this, the quick online SAGE test will satisfy that your cognitive function is performing well.

The SAGE test will ask you a few questions that will test your cognitive functioning. One can choose from four different tests, all of them are replaceable. In case you are attempting all the four tests (you should only take one), you need to gain the same scores in each test.

The SAGE test basically evaluate:

  • Orientation (year, month and date)
  • Language (verbal fluency and picture naming)
  • Reasoning
  • Simple math skills
  • Visuospatial orientation
  • Executive function
  • Memory

SAGE test has a maximum score of 22. Researchers suggest 23 score for the participant over the age of 80, and 24 if the participant has less than 12 years of education.

Who should take SAGE Online?

One should take SAGE test online, if having the earliest symptoms of dementia, :

  • Difficulty with daily tasks
  • Losing sight of time or place
  • Difficulty finding the right words
  • Often lose things
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Extreme mood swings

Accuracy of the Test

Researchers have suggested that SAGE is an exact detector of whether someone has dementia or not. People over 60 years and older gave the SAGE test and the speculations were that they would develop dementia with an accuracy of approx. 95 percent.

There is no need to visit the doctor’s office, the SAGE is the most easiest and precise way to find out if someone is developing early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Administering the Test

  • First of all, you need to download and print the test. SAGE test basically comes in 4 different versions, but you should only take one. You can replace them and all of the questions will be provided in the same length (12 questions). As the test is available in multiple languages, candidates can take SAGE online in any language including Spanish. You should always prefer a printed version. You can download the English or Spanish version as per your choice.
  • Secondly, use a pencil and eraser, the printed pages. This test requires a drawing, therefore a pencil and eraser are a must.
  • After that, the test taker can take as much time as they wanted to complete the test. While estimating the results, the time frame will not be there. The average time for SAGE is around 15 minutes. Do not set any time limit or force the test taker to complete it soon.
  • One should not support the test-takers in answering the questions. SAGE is intelligible, therefore support in answering questions will have a negative effect on the outcome.
  • Next, examine the results. A doctor is accountable to assess the SAGE test. However, any adult can get an idea of the test taker’s performance by checking the answers.
  • If the examiner can guess all the answers are accurate, then the test taker probably need not to see a doctor.
  • However, if the reviewer finds that the test-taker have some cognitive problems, then they should make an appointment with a good doctor.
  • Moreover, you can also make an appointment with a neurologist.

Scoring of SAGE Online

  • Scores between 17-22 are in the normal range.
  • Scores between 15-16 shows that lenient cognitive impairment is probable.
  • Values of 14 and less imply that there is a more serious cognitive problem such as dementia.


Q. Who should take SAGE Test Online?

Ans. A SAGE is a free online test and one can take it whenever it’s convenient. It is basically a 15-minute test, but one should not force the test-taker to complete it sooner.

Q. What are the languages available for SAGE Test Online 2023?

Ans. It is available in multiple languages including English (US), Spanish, English (New Zealand), Italian, Dutch and Croatian. The test taker can choose the language at his/ her convenience.

Q. What are the early symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Ans. One can have:

  • Difficulty with daily tasks
  • Losing sight of time or place
  • Difficulty finding the right words
  • Often lose things
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Extreme mood swings

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