Third Wave Of Corona In India: Precautions To Be Taken, Vaccine

India will soon be facing a third wave of the corona. Indian Government has recently issued a warning regarding this third wave of COVID -19. It has been stated that the third wave of the corona is likely to hit children below 18 years. The cases will keep on spreading until or unless the lockdown is not followed properly. All the mandatory information regarding the third wave of the corona is provided in the article below. It is evaluated that the third wave of COVID -19 is most dangerous than the two waves.

Third Wave of Corona

Third Wave Of Corona

Experts have stated that the virus is changing its form continuously which has firstly turned into the first wave, after that the second wave, and now it has taken a new form which is being named as the Third Wave of Corona. India has been fighting COVID-19 for a year now, but now it’s time for us to prepare ourselves to fight the third wave of the corona. Researchers and experts have strictly advised to not leave the house until or unless it’s very urgent. According to them, if we properly follow all the guidelines of lockdown well, then the disease will not harm us.

Third Wave Of Corona In India Symptoms

In the third wave of the corona, you may have fever, cough, and breathing difficulties including shortness of breath. For now, the health department has only said that the symptoms will take 2 to 14 days to appear. If you are facing normal coronavirus symptoms, then you can be fine by following the home treatment. If proper medications are taken, then one can easily treat corona at home.

Third Wave Of Corona Precautions To Be Taken

All the precautions that are advised to be taken are listed below. The health department has given these instructions that will help everyone to fight corona:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap.
  • Always wear the mask and use a hand sanitizer whenever stepping outside.
  • Avoid touching your face and mask frequently.
  • Follow social distancing. Always make a distance of 2 yards from everyone whether infected or not.
  • Always cover your mouth with a handkerchief whenever you cough or sneeze.
  • If your immunity is weak, then you must not leave your home at any cost.
  • Do not smoke and make sure to stay away from any lung weakening activities.
  • You must not step outside your home without any important work.

All the above-mentioned precautions should be followed strictly to defeat corona. The government is making every effort and trying its best to protect the citizens from this deadly virus. If the general public like us, cooperate with the government in fighting this disease, then the whole of India can beat corona and will soon be COVID-19 free.

Third Wave Of Corona: Vaccinate As Soon As Possible

The third wave is not too far from hitting the nation. It is advised to vaccinate yourself and your parents quickly. The government has recently opened slots for people between 18-45 years. Therefore, you must book the slot and get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinating yourself, your parents/guardians, following all the necessary precautions, and strictly following the lockdown guidelines will only help in beating corona. However, the government is in full preparation to vaccinate children below 18 years before the third wave hits the country. The vaccination process for people of 18-45 years and above 45 years is currently taking place. So everyone must visit register themselves online and take the vaccine quickly. The registration can be done on the official website i.e. , COWIN app or Arogya setu app. People will be able to register and book their slot for the first and second doses of Covishield, Sputnik, Covaxin, or any other vaccine. Individuals must have a valid mobile no. for OTP verification. You can follow the steps to register yourself for the vaccination process:

  • Firstly, go to the official website:
  • On the main page, you will get an option of “Register now”.
  • Click on “Register now”.
  • Now, enter your valid mobile number.
  • After that click on the OTP sent.
  • You will receive an OTP on your valid mobile number. Enter the OTP.
  • After that, on the next page enter your personal details such as Photo Id Proof, Photo ID Number, Name, Gender, Birth year, etc. It is mandatory to fill all the fields.
  • Now, Click on the register button.
  • Lastly, book your slot and get your reference ID.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Where to register for Covid 19 vaccine online?

Ans. Everyone can register themselves on the Cowin website/COWIN App/Arogya Setu App.

Question: What is the official website of Cowin?

Ans. The official website is

Question: How many days it takes for corona to show its symptoms in a human body?

Ans. It takes approximately 2 to 14 days for the symptoms to appear.

Question: The third wave of the corona is dangerous for what age people?

Ans. The third wave is expected to affect children below 18 years.

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